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Urgent Prayer For Our President

Look, love him or hate him you have to admit that the assaults on  President Trump are mean and vicious. I believe the American people to be better than this. This viciousness is separating families, our ability to be reasonable and to recognize success and how this great country of USA has benefited from many changes that have been made. More Jobs, less tax for most and more money in the pockets of many Americans. This whole vindictiveness is ridiculous. I does not matter wether you are left or right and I am sure there will be many of you that will scorn what I have to say. I don’t care. I hate this mean spiritness of the people, not considering how destructive it is on the Presidents young son and his wife and the rest of his family. It is sick. If you let this hatred continue everyone will suffer in the end.

It needs to stop.

Prayers for the President and the USA is needed. I believe this man has got it right.

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Families Who Save Together


This is a small article that I found on the Oprah site which I think is short but Sweet. It is just a few things to think about that could save you quite few dollars in a year.
These are easy to put into practice.

By Erin E. White
Rethink Your Laundry
Most American families of four spend nearly $4,000 per year on their wardrobe, and while some families can certainly cut back on their clothing budget, Jeff says you can also save a lot of money by changing the way you launder your clothes.

Get a clothesline. Dryers cost a lot to run, but a basic clothesline and some clothing pins are quite inexpensive, Jeff says. You’ll not only save money on your gas or electric bill by using a clothesline, but you’ll also prevent your clothes from shrinking and keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Only wash when necessary. Some clothes, like jeans or sweaters worn over long-sleeved shirts, don’t have to be washed after each wear, Jeff says.

Use cold water. Jeff says cold water not only costs less to use, but it’s also gentler on most fabrics.

Zip it up. If you don’t zip up jeans and jackets before you wash and dry them, Jeff says you can cause costly snags and tears to your clothes


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