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Kangen Water Is Changing Lives – Testimonials From Experts

I can’t brag enough about this water and all its benefits. I found a bunch of testimonials that I thought you might find interesting, especially if you are thinking about changing from the water you are consuming now. At least you don’t have to take my word for it as others have the same opinion. Its a big plus to your health and happiness




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How To Remember Someones Name



Now this is good to know because I am so bad at this. I so like to remember peoples names that I have met and embarrassed when I don’t.

Here is a few handy hints.

When you meet someone new at a party mostly their name just slips from your mind.

There is usually no harm in asking them to repeat it and these tips will ensure you won’t need to.


1. When you first hear their name, repeat it. Use it in a question or check you’ve got it right. saying it out loud early on will help you commit it to memory.


2. Experts say a good trick is to make a verbal or visual association. Picture the persons name written on their forehead, or use a rhyme (Big-shot Scott) or alliteration (slurring Scott) to make it memorable.


3. The key factor is your attitude. The main reason we forget a name is because we’re distracted, or not actually very interested in learning it. So if you make a conscious decision to try and remember someone’s name, chances are you will.

4. Another way of finding out someones name,(Use this method many times)  that you have forgotten  is always say to your friends  that if you don’t introduce them to someone  its because you cannot remember their name. 

I tell my friends to say ” My name is ……….. you need to excuse my friends manners and yours is?”

Thats a win win as you get to find out their name without having to embarrassingly ask them.  You should know and your friend will not get annoyed with you thinking they are not important enough to be introduced to that person.

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America’s Top Wellness Experts Name Their Favorite Health Sites For Women

1. Mehmet Oz, MD – For Women Healthywomen.org.

Host of the Dr Oz show and coauthor of the – You: The owner’s manual series

2. Kristen Binaso. – Prescription meds and supplements. – nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus

Pharmacist and spokesperson for the American Pharmacists Association.

3. Lynne Shuster, MD – Heart health – Womenheart.org

Founding Director Women’s Health clinic at the Mayo Clinic

4. Robert Klitzman, MD – Mental Health – webmd.com

Professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University. Author of When Doctors Become Patients.

5. Alice Domar, PhD – Infertility – resolve.org

Founder of Domar Center for Mind/Body health and author of Conquering Infertility

6. Tara Parker-pope – Disease risk – Yourdiseaserisk.com

Author of New York Times Well blog

7. Paula A. Johnson, MD – Cancer – Womenshealth.gov

Chief of the division of Women’s health at Brigham and womens hospital.

8. Susan Love, MD – Menopause – Power-surge.com

President of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and author of Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause & Hormone           Book.

9. Harvey Karp, MD – Pediatric Health – Healthychildren.org

Author of the Happiest Toddler on the Block. Professor of pediatrics at University of Southern California School of medicine.

10. Bob Green. – Fitness – acefitness.org

Exercise physiologist, trainer and founder of thebestlife.com

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