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Take a Look – Nothing to lose

I am not personally in the habit of promoting any money making deals. The reason being 9 times out of 10 I do not know the person promoting the business so am not prepared to take the risk. I am not against anyone making money but of course I don’t like them doing it at my expense. Done it before and had my fingers burnt.

My Husband and I have been making a study of the business below created by a guy called Vick Strizheus. We have been looking into this for almost a year and have come to the conclusion it is the best deal you are going to see for some time.
Vick Strizheus from High Traffic Academy is doing a LIVE class teaching exactly what’s working right now and how you can immediately model this in your business too.

Vick will show you his step-by-step process for creating up to $10,000+ per month income, even if you have no list or never made a dime before!

Look, you have nothing to lose and more to gain by watching this video and its FREE.

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Remember ‘If you don’t do different nothing will change’

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Save On Calories And Expense

If you are going to eat out but want to watch the calories be careful of the Restaurants calorie count. They can be way off the mark. Here are some pointers as to how you can leave feeling satisfied and keeping the calorie count down and at the same time the meal not costing you an “Arm and a Leg”.

1. Share your appetizer and your entrée. The appetizer will just be enough to take the edge off your hunger pangs and ultimately most entrees are far more than you can eat or should eat so sharing is a good thing. Saves on money and calories. The only difficulty I can see is you both agreeing on the same meal. One may feel like fish the other beef or meat of some kind. Some restaurants have a seafood and beef entrée. check that out.. If there is more than two , say a group of four, order three meals and a side salad and split it. Good suggestions in the book Eat Out, Eat Right

2. Downsize your plate. Order an appetizer, soup, and salad for your main meal. Much cheaper option and will satisfy your appetite at the same time and once again should cost less. Try not to order bread, but if you feel the need, ask for only one bread roll.

3. check with your waiter. Make sure when he brings the salad that your dressing is on the side. That way you are able to control how much you want on the salad, because remember there is usually a lot of calories in the dressing, and if they pour it all over the salad then your calorie count ends up a lot more than you suspect.

4. Water and Wine. If you are going to drink wine which is approximately 120 calories per glass, ask for a glass of water and alternate. Once again you will cut back on the calories as the water will be satisfying and you won’t drink as much so that, is also a saving. The book “The all-pro Diet” will go into more detail

5. Be aware of the grease. Pick a meal that has been grilled rather than sautéed. Poached is another choice you can make. Some restaurants have some great poached fish recipes and will limit the calorie intake.

6. Send it back. don’t be afraid to return a meal if you think it has not been cooked to your expectation. I know I have ordered grilled and it comes out greasy or they have added butter, or cream, especially on baked potatoes or sweet potatoes when you have specifically asked them not to. They are calories you can do without.

7. Desert. If you have a sweet tooth and really really must have desert well once again if your partner or guest are agreeable ask them to share to cut the expense and calories or have an appetizer as a main meal and have desert.


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