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What Is Love?

“Love is a friendship set to Music”

~ E. Joseph Cossman

What is love?
Author « Lesley Voth

Love is a feeling that tingles inside
It mirrors a glow, a beautiful ride

Love comes in many forms
It shadows imperfections and raging storms

It makes your whole being excited and shiver
You think it would last forever like a long wide running river

It can you know, last an eternity
I have seen it with my eyes with absolute certainty

Love is a connection that should be real and very true
Because if  it is, you are blessed, life will never be lonely for you

Two people some times a new beginning for many years
A place to go to comfort and soften your tears

So what is love?
It is something that holds you, touches you like a perfect fitting glove.

Where does it come from, the attraction a mystery
I don’t know, but its been around a long time, has a long long history

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