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Saving Tip For Today

Thought I would start this project again. Christmas is looming up so saving now may help the finances for Christmas presents.


Get Cash For Your Electronics – Sell  your gadgets over the internet. Sites like Gazelle.com will buy back your cellphones tablets and other gadgets. They pay within seven to 10 days and cover shipping costs.

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Best Day For The Best Deals

According to Smart Money Magazine there are certain days of the week for bargain hunting and scoring good deals.

Retailers often have a specific day of the week that they offer big discounts. I know that my closest Academy store has Tuesday as the day it reduces some items.

Smart money suggests:

Sunday – Usually a day when retailers tend to reduce the price of appliances.

Monday – Groceries and personal stuff, cars and electronics.

Tuesday – Travel. This I know for sure. If you look for booking a flight to the destination of your desire, at midnight Tuesday there is a strong chance that you will get a good deal on your flight. My friends also have tried this with great success.

Wednesday – A runner-up to Tuesday for travel. The worst time to buy airline tickets is the weekend.

Thursday – Clothes online and traditional retailers tend to start the weekend sales early on this day.

So there you have it. If you want bargains choose your day.

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Black Friday » Hold Spending! Cheaper In Weeks To Come


According to HLN money and Fox Business News Black Friday may not be the cheapest price for your Christmas goodies.

Toys: These will be cheaper in a two of weeks. The retailers will be unloading what they could not sell on Black Friday. Be aware though just before Christmas those prices will increase to catch the last minute shoppers.

Electronics: These also will be cheaper in two weeks. It has been suggested that they will be at least 5% cheaper than the Black Friday prices.

So in my opinion take it easy on the spending today. Don’t get carried away with all the Christmas, cheap cheap, hoo haa. Just Sayin

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