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Poem Friday – 10/21/2016 – From Outside looking in


From Outside Looking in

This Election from an Outsider looking in
It drives you crazy, One does not know where to begin

Hillary Clinton as we know well
There is a lot of History to tell

Donald Trump he is new to the Political scene
In the construction and real estate business he has been

My opinion well I guess it does not count for much
As I am an Australian unable to vote as such

Donald is the one you vote for if you want change
Unfortunate but he is always in the middle of the main stream media firing range

We only get to see one side, tiny part of his speeches
While journalists commit media bias breaches

Now Wikileaks on the other hand
Give you an insight of the Clinton Brand
It should be that her future is written in sand
Washed away by truth that should see her banned

I hope for Julian Assange’s sake
That Donald wins the presidential stake

In my opinion Julian’s life could be a little unsafe, may be on the line
As if Hillary wins she could aim for him with revenge on her mind

Because there is a question about the death of the young man Seth Rich
DNC staffer, Shot multiple times, suspected of being a snitch

Donald Trump may not be perfect but will give it a good try
If you want more of the same, vote Clinton but I would question Why?

We need to make changes, the young, some adult choices
I believe if we don’t, there will be more violence, and unheard voices

America is a great country, Powerful, beautiful, free and strong
Everyone should be proud of this country and stand for the National Anthem song

The divisions will get greater I believe if you vote for the same
In my opinion Clinton wants your vote with no care of you, being president is her aim

She has lied, deceived and been to the country untrue
Many have died under her care with the protection of the democratic crew

Well as you can see I am a supporter of Mr Donald Trump for Presidential pass
I like his choices of running mates who are intelligent, experienced and have class

I believe he will be a negotiator with peace and prosperity on his mind
This country could see great changes, be safe with secure borders by design

Look in the end what I have to say or believe is of no consequence to you
But make sure you vote for what you believe in and feel. Vote for integrity and what you believe is true

Just saying this election has broken some barriers of tradition of how to win
It certainly has our attention as an Outsider looking in

This of course is my opinion


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Poem Friday 11/09/2012 – I will Not Be Able To Hold My breath For That Long

The excitement over, the election done
The President of America, Obama won

Disappointed, yes, I thought Romney was ahead
We got another four years of Obama instead

Watch out Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z
I believe your income will be taxed big time, you’ll see

When it does, your lifestyle cut, don’t come moaning, do we care?  not us
Because I think you have helped put America under a bus

Did you not learn when young that nothing is free
Free health care, I know that is never to be

I come from a Country that has that system in place
Who pays for it, You will, because money does not come from outer space

So all you rappers, rockers and film stars and wanna b’s
You have helped persuade others away from the realities

There are no free lunches, you can see that in Greece
The place is rioting a long way from peace

America was a place of invention and free enterprise
Exciting, a land of promise, adventure, risk and no compromise

As you can tell I am disappointed and yes rather sad
Because America’s demise will affect the rest of the world, that is bad

I hope for this great country I am very wrong
That it will become the power it was. Loud and strong
But I will not be able to hold my breath for that long

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