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Did You Know – 07/04/2016

  1. Interesting fact. There is a question and answer on Reddit which will answer why clouds don’t fall from the sky when they weigh this much.


2. For more factual information on pandas go to Random Facts

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It’s not just certain cities in Alaska that will pay you to live there, it’s the whole state. The state of Alaska developed the Permanent Fund Dividend which essentially pays residents of Alaska to permanently live there. Investment earnings on Alaskan mineral royalties are paid to Alaska residents. It is an annual payment, and the state feels that it is an investment in their current population as well investing in future generations in hopes that they stay in Alaska. To be eligible for the dividend, you need to have lived in Alaska for one year, not be a convicted felon and be present in Alaska for at least 190 days in a calendar year. Source

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The man himself explains it all.

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Where Do You Fit Into This Picture?

Where do you fit in this picture?

This illustration is brilliant. It’s an example of truth, being honest with yourself, and in some cases it may tell where you will be in the future.

It’s an illustration of the fact that it doesn’t matter how you’re earning your living, what you’re wearing, what you’re driving, or what gadget you have… only one person in this cartoon is in a better position financially than the rest. And it’s not the one you would expect.

I was listening to Ben Stein on TV this morning. He’s just written another new book called The Little Book of Bulletproof Investing: Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Financial Life. One of his tips is ‘Save Till You Drop.’ Another tip in his book is also in my book Simply Fantastic – Living Better On Less. The tip is ‘Live below your means’. I cannot emphasis more how important this is.

The talking heads on the news say that consumer spending is increasing. If that is true then there are a lot of people that think their job is safe and that the credit crunch is over. Please think again, it is only starting.

Even if you start saving in a small way, it is a beginning of good habits. People like Ben Stein and myself do not write books because it makes a living. We write them because we, as business people, see a long road ahead to economic recovery. We write these books to stimulate the mind to begin looking after the future and not relying on someone else, namely the Government to care for our old age.

It is not all doom and gloom, because you are in a position now to begin reorganizing your finances and getting on top of things. The many economic decisions of the present and past, we as a nation may not be in the same financial position in the future.

If you don’t do different, nothing will change.

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