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30 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight


I know I have written on this subject many times but have not come up with 30 ideas to get a good nights sleep. Even if just one of them works then I have done my job.

I will tell you which ones I have used that do or do not work. As we have been told lack of sleep can contribute to obesity, diabetes, and a chronic bad attitude, and losing a job because of it.

These ideas come from a website call the ‘Greatest‘ it has some really good articles.

27 Ways to Get A Good Nights sleep.

  1. Have a bedtime routine – This one does work if you stick to it. Try to get to bed at around the same time every night when you can.
  2. Journal  – Write out stressful thoughts that are not allowing you to have a restful sleep before you go to bed. Then when in bed spend 5 minutes writing 5 things that have made you feel good that day. Now this works. It allows you to put your mind in better place before the head hits the pillow
  3. Tapping – Otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Now this is my idea. I do it often when I am particularly bothered with something. This only takes a few minutes.EFT-Tapping-Points-c000d4a64

This is a diagram of the points to tap and if you click on the picture you can go to the website that will tell you more about it. This is worth it.

4. Chew some magnesium – I take a magnesium tablet but pumpkin seeds are good. Consume either 30 minutes before you go to bed.

5. Chamomile tea – Try it if you like it. I don’t.

6. Exercise – If you do this regularly it can reduce anxiety and improve sleep for those who suffer from insomnia. It has been proven another benefit from physical activity is that exercise is a form of meditation and can relax the mind while you are doing exercise and  you are not concentrating on the things that stress you out. Especially if you are exercising to music which I believe you cannot be stressed and listen to your favorite songs.

7. Work out early in the day – Yep I do this 5 days a week. I believe that it is better not to do too much exercise late in the after noon. Maybe a small walk but for me if I do rigorous exercise late in the afternoon gives me an adrenaline boost  and  peps me up for hours and I find it hard to go to sleep.

8. Power nap during the day – Works for me.

9. Bedroom for bedroom activities – Sleeping and sex nothing else. No TV, no computers, no phones, no business talk.

10. Snuggly environment – Spend a little extra on 800 thread sheets for summer, fluffy warm sheets for winter. Get that perfect mattress. Find the perfect pillows. Works for me.

11. Keep the bedroom cool – They say the best temperature is about 60 to 75 degrees. Not too cold. If it’s too cold I need a woolly hat on as my head gets cold. Not a sexy look I might add.

12. Try to get at least 7 hours sleep a night – 8 is better – Research shows that not sleeping enough can be linked to insulin resistance and of course diabetes.

13. Take a hot shower or bath – This helps the mind and body to relax. The rise and fall of  body temperature induces sleepiness.

14. Try to have a wake up time – This for me depends on what time I go to the gym. I always wake up early even in the weekends when I have no reason to get up. Always wake up with the sun.

15. Make up for lost sleep – This I have heard makes no difference but in my case if I have had a late night the night before I find I am in bed a little earlier the next night or I have a nanny nap during the day

16. Keep the caffeine drinks to the morning – Not a good idea before bed.

17. Dont Toss and Turn – They say get up for 10 minutes, go to the loo or go have a cup of warm milk or glass of water and go back to bed. Another idea is pick up your favorite magazine and look at some nice homes or fashion something to take you mind off what is making you toss and turn.

18. Medication check – Check you medication it may be making you sleepless. If so go see the doctor and get it changed. I don’t take medication so that is not my problem.

19. Pets on the floor – Don’t have your pet on the bed sleeping with you as the chances it is what could  be disturbing you. Make sure your pet has a nice comfortable bed on the floor and make sure he or she understands they are not welcome on the bed. I know its hard to do but once they are in the habit you will both be happy and you will not get grouchy with it.

20. Sleeping tracker – If you do have to have your smartphone in the bedroom or you could get one of those fitbit watches you are able to track your sleeping patterns. This can show you what may be disturbing your snooze time. I believe they are very good.

21. Listen to soothing music – You are able to get sound tracks of things like rivers, oceans, wind any thing that may make you feel peaceful and nod off to sleep. You can get that sort of gadget on Amazon

22. Sniff of Lavender – works well. I put a few drops on my pillow of pure lavender oil or spray what ever I have at the time,  every night.

23. Muscle relaxation – Now this works but takes a bit of concentration – You need to start with the feet and work your way up your body. Often by then you fall asleep. The idea is to tighten your muscle then relax. Like tighten your muscles in the feet for a few seconds then relax. Tighten the muscles in the calf of your leg then relax etc etc till you get to the head. By that time the chances are you are snoring.

24. Breath – Now this does work – well most of the time – I find by the time I focus on 4 deep slow breaths if am ready for sleep. I do this often with success. Actually if there is any for of anxiety you are facing even if you are not in bed a deep breath really helps to calm the nerves

25. Dim the lights – Any bright lights will disturb your sleep. If you have any electronics in the room turn them off at the wall. Especially if they are a ‘blue light’ they will cause disturbance in your sleep.

26. Sunlight your best friend – Make sure you get some sunlight during the day.  sunlight  keeps daytime fatigue at bay, leading to more sleepiness at bedtime. That good old Vitamin D the natural way is a must and good for you in moderation.

27. Shut that Computer down –  Artificial lights from computers, TVs, and cell phones might make it more difficult for the body to understand when it’s time to wind down. Try reading.

28. Drink something warm – Before you go to bed have some warm milk or milk and chocolate. Or just dark chocolate that sometimes helps.

29. Dream a little – This also works for me – I have a place that I go to when I am having trouble going to sleep. I visualize the sand and the track and the bushes on the way to my favorite beach. I visualize the waves the fish in the waves etc etc and off to La La land I go.

30. Wine – Glass of red before bed works for me







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Do You Want To Be An Early Riser?

I love getting up early in the morning. In fact, I am up at 4am every weekday. I rise, put on the kettle, go brush my teeth, do my balancing exercise which leads to prayer for the day. I have a warm honey, lemon, and cinnamon drink. By that time it is 5am then I am off to the gym for one and half hours.

That time of the morning is my favorite part of the day. For my husband — not so. That’s ok, because I have peace and quiet for that first hour of the day. When I get back from the gym I wake him with a cup of coffee. That is also one of my favorite times of the morning, is that morning chat.

If you are not an early riser but would like to be, here are some tips for change. Because as I say, “If you don’t do different, nothing will change.”

1, Think about the time that you want to get up before you go to sleep. Make a decision in the evening that you are going to get up early and it seems to set an internal alarm clock.

2. Have a plan or reason why you are getting up early. Maybe like me you want to fit in some extra exercise. You want to make more time for yourself. Time to meditate or just time to be still. These things you are unable to do when the family is awake. Maybe you want to get to work early so that you don’t have interruptions and get more work done. There are many reasons why one would want to get up early it’s just a matter of convincing yourself it is good for you.

3. Get your mojo going with a stimulating drink like a herb tea, or coffee, or like I have a honey, lemon, cinnamon in hot water. Sit and sip and give yourself time to wake up properly, so the fog dissipates.

4. Don’t use a noisy alarm clock. If you are trying to establish a routine time to wake up, you will need an alarm clock, I believe. You may not need this after your body has got used to it. I still use one, but I have a gentle waking one. I use my iPod touch and I awake to the sound of crickets. You could use a bird sound or anything that is gentle and pleasant for you.

5. Don’t get angry with yourself if you sleep in sometimes, it happens to all of us. If we do then we must need it. It may take some time for the body to adjust to a longer day but I assure you after a while you will adapt.

6. Go to bed at the same time every night during the week. I go to bed at 9pm very rarely will I be much later. I like to wake up clear-headed and fresh and if I have enough sleep that is the way I feel in the morning.

7. Sleeping in days. Now this sometimes is a problem for some (Not my husband). What I find is that Saturday and Sunday I have a problem sleeping past my normal rising time. That can be annoying because sometime I would like to sleep in. I find though if you wake at your normal time and then give yourself 15 minutes or so, you end up going back to sleep. You may sleep another 1-2 hours and it feels wonderful.

8. If it is cold I love getting into a warm bed as that is a prerequisite to a good sleep for me. I use an Electric Blanket when I’m in Australia. I also have a heat pack that I use on sore muscles from the gym. I like to put it on those muscles that hurt. That also gives you a good sound sleep so that you wake up fresh.

9. Lavender. I am a great believer in the Aroma of lavender giving you a sound peaceful sleep. It’s an old remedy, but a goodie. This also makes you wake up fresh.

10. Stretch. I find that when I wake up and am ready to get out of bed, I have a little stretch in the bed then a yawn and stretch when I put my feet on the floor. It’s just another way to wake up the body.

Well I hope this helps to making you an early riser in the future. That is if you want to be. As for my husband, that would be the last thing on his mind. It is absolute torture for him to imagine that he would have to get out of bed early. But that is OK. Everyone is different and I love him with all my heart anyway… even if he misses the summer sunrises.


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