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7 fantastic Uses for Dryer Sheets


1. Dead bugs on your windshield are gross. But dryer sheets can pretty easily clean bugs off your car’s grill, hood, mirrors and windshield. Just spritz the area with a little water, then use either a new or a used sheet to easily erase the gook from you car! It really works, and it’s so simple to do.


2. To clean that white deodorant spot of your shirt just scrunch up a used sheet and scrub the spots away. Your shirt will look as clean as it was when you put it on, and smell a little fresher too. No need to waste a fresh sheet, just use one you previously did laundry with.


3. A New fresh dryer sheet can control that static in a few ways. If your hair is starting to get that fly away look, rub your brush with a sheet before brushing your hair. If clothing is sticking to itself and making a tight cling, rub the underside of your garment with a sheet until the static is erased. It works wonders!


4. You know the smell never comes out of the carpet and your vacuum cleaner always has that pungent smell of dirt. Well, rip a fresh dryer sheet in half and place it inside your bag or canister before you begin vacuuming. The scent keeps the vacuum smelling fresh and it actually gives the carpet a boost of freshness. For really bad odors, use the whole sheet instead of just half. My cleaner always stinks so a whole sheet is doing a great job keeping my machine and carpet smelling fresher.


5. Dryer sheets are great to shine your faucets or clean a glass shower door – even the shower walls! A new sheet will clean that shower soap scum up in a jiffy! No hard scrubbing is required and no expensive cleaners with chemicals, just a plain old dryer sheet. For your faucets and metal plumbing, a used dryers sheet keeps the water stains away and keeps them looking polished. The same for any other metal appliances, they work great on keeping fingerprints and smudges away.


6. Deodorize almost everything like your drawers, gym bag, stuff it under the cushions on the couch. You can use them in the car under the seats to deodorize the car. In the garbage container is also another good place to throw one, keeps that fresh smell.


7. Remove the baked on food from you baking dish. That stuff that just won’t seem to come off. just fill the pan with hot water and add a dryer sheet. Let it soak for a couple of hours or overnight. When you go to clean it up, pour off the dirty water and use that same dryer sheet to easily scrub off the backed on grime. Easy.

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How To Get Wrinkles Out.

No I am not talking about wrinkles from the face. Mind you it would be good if it was that easy.

I am talking about getting rid of the wrinkles in our shirts and trousers when you have no iron or clothers dryer, which to my suprise a lot of apartments do not have. Can’t imagine.

What often happens is that you throw your shirt or blouse in a pile with the intenion of hanging them up, but don’t. Result a wrinkly mess.

Here are two simple solutions.

a. Take one very wrinkled shirt and hang it on your shower curtain rod. I then turned the shower all the way to hot, shut the door and let the steam go for 15 minutes. When you come back, you should be genuinely surprised at how many wrinkles had come out.

b. Method two: This method called for spraying a wrinkled shirt with water from a spray bottled and then blow drying it. This is actually even faster than the shower method

This is the result:



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Washer And Dryer Savings!


These pointers can save you a great deal on your power
each month:

1. Try to air dry as many of your clothes as possible.

2. Use a portable clothesline to dry your clothes instead
of using an electric or natural gas clothes dryer. You
can get a plastic clothes hanger from Wal-Mart that
you can stand on the floor or hang it. There are also
retractable ones that are especially useful if you live
in an apartment. Clothes dryers are not the best at
keeping T-shirts, etc. in good condition and bright
colors are inclined to fade, so hanging your clothes
to dry will not only save you money on your electric
or gas bill, but it will make your clothes last longer;
and save you money on your clothing budget, too.

3. Does your home have natural gas? If so get a gas
clothes dryer, because the cost to run a gas dryer is
approximately 15 to 20 cents whereas an electrical
clothes dryer with the normal load of laundry will
cost 30 to 40 cents. Another benefit of natural gas
clothes dryer is that it will dry a load of clothes three
times faster than an electric dryer.
“Clothes dry up to three times faster in a gas clothes
dryer compared to electric dryers, reducing drying
time and saving you money. A gas clothes dryer will
dry approximately two loads of clothes for the same
energy cost it takes to dry one load electrically.”
Source: The State of Queensland Australia (Depart-
ment of Mines and Energy)

4. Always clean the lint filter in your dryer before every
load. It takes longer to dry the clothes with a full lint
filter because the air is unable to flow through a full
filter with efficiency.

5. In addition to cleaning out the lint trap of your clothes
dryer, remove the mesh trap and wash it with warm
soapy water and a soft brush. Do this at least a couple
times each year. The reason is that if you use clothes
softener dryer sheets they cause a film that clogs the
holes in the mesh. This will cost you more money in
two ways: 1) your dryer will not run as efficiently as pos-
sible and therefore you will have higher electricity bills,
and 2) if you don’t do this, eventually you’ll burn out
the dryer’s heating unit. That’s a bill you don’t want

Extract from Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less: pages 28 & 29

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