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Did You Know – 10/20/2015

1. 1.8 million cases of type 2 diabetes Americans could be prevented by 2020 if we did one simple thing. Stop drinking sugary drinks. Especially soda. Even for a lean healthy person one sugary drink a day increased risk of diabetes by 18% over 10 years according to a study in the BMJ. 


2.That cinnamon has been found to be a great arsenal for shutting down the flu. Microbiologist Milton Schiffenbauer led a study that showed only cinnamon inactivated the virus Phi X 174 99.9 to 100% of the time in minutes. While this virus does not affect humans it is similar the viruses we do encounter like nasty colds, flu and even herpes. He suggests a tablespoon of cinnamon a day. Sounds good but I am thinking start off small, maybe a pinch in your coffee or a teaspoon in your smoothie, sprinkled on toast or muffin and maybe over dessert.

3.You can induce sex dreams by your sleep position; A study published in Dreaming found that people who slept face down on their stomach with their arms stretched above their head had more sexual dreams—including ones about affairs with celebrities

4.  Socks might be the weird key to your orgasm –  According to a Dutch study :  While measuring orgasms, they found that many of their female participants were uncomfortable due to cold feet. After they gave them socks, the percentage of those reaching orgasm rose from 50 to 80 percent.


5. More wool comes from the state of Texas than any other state in the United States.

6. Time passes faster for your face than for your feet (assuming you’re standing up). Einstein’s theory of relativity dictates that the closer you are to the centre of the Earth, the slower time goes – and this has been measured. At the top of Mount Everest, a year would be about 15 microsecond shorter than at sea level.


7. When Mahatma Gandhi once went to meet the King of Britain in a simple loincloth, a reporter asked him if he felt underdressed. Gandhi replied, “The King wears enough clothes for both of us.

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Let your imagination fun free

This is so easy for some but for others not so easy.
It appears, for me I need to train myself to imagine. I don’t dream that much at night, well if I do I don’t remember the dreams.

I seem to be a person that accepts what the present reality is at this moment and don’t take the time to dream or expand my imagination.
I think I know what I want, but don’t take the time to think about it much. I just except that it will or won’t be a reality. I think most of us have this same issue.
What I am saying is that we don’t allow ourselves to be distracted from what we are doing in our life, we just keep plowing with our heads down. In reality I believe we should allow our imagination to soar as it may take us in a direction that could give us complete harmony, success and happiness. Sow some seeds.
I was reading an article on the Belief Website. I began thinking about the article and realising that I don’t make use of my imagination enough and could see some of the reasons why.

I am sure I am not on my own with this. We are often too busy to take the time for ourselves, to stop and take in our own imagination. We are surrounded by demands, noise, expectations, opinions. This often distracts us from where in life we would like to be. We forget to be True to ourselves.

Here are some suggestions for you and myself included to get that imagination “fired” up

1. We need to stop, find a space to ourselves and ask “What If”. Start the day dreaming who knows where it will take us.

2. Fear Kills imagination – This is such a truism. Sometimes I am so fearful that I wont get my dream because I want that dream to be real, or that if I let my imagination run free and it feels so good ,I fear I will never achieve it. That needs to stop I just need to slow down and enjoy the picture, just breathe it and take pleasure in that place. Give yourself permission to dream and release your imagination.

3. Take the time, allow your mind to reawaken the child in you. As a young child we normally have great imaginations. We need to get that back.

4. Let go of reality – Start to play with your mind, allow it to wander everywhere, until it finds a peaceful picture that is relaxing and new that it wants to dwell on.

5. Dont Limit yourself – Be at a place that is so beautiful that it is almost unbelievable. See yourself so rich, the richest person in the world, if that’s what you want. See yourself extremely healthy, young, fit. See yourself anything you want to be.

6. Write the dream down. Write down what your imagination has allowed you to imagine. Draw a picture. Each day you could imagine something different.

7. Don’t try to analyse – just let that imagination be what it is. Let your mind do the wandering. Have no expectations, let the mind cleanse.

8. Never say “no” to your imagination or dream. Saying “No” turns the imagination to “Off”

9. Don’t accept failure – the more you take the time to imagine the more your imagination will blossom. Just keep practicing and trying.

10. Don’t forget to Breath – To inspire ourselves we need to be relaxed and 4 good deep breaths will start you on your way.

I wish you great success and remember “Dreams are Free”

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