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On The Road Again

Well I am heading back ‘Down Under’ again so will loose a day in my life but of course when I come back I will gain a day so nothing will be lost. I love to go home and see the family but I do miss Texas and the great long fantastic motorcycling roads. I will miss my bike as well although I have another in Australia. I will be riding from Queensland to Melbourne to see my son so I will be looking forward to that as I have not been on a long ride in Australia as yet so will be an adventure.
I would say it will probably be a week or so before I get back into blogging on my site again. I will be visiting with my Mother in NZ for two months while my Brother is in Europe. New Zealand is one of those countries that is not so consumer orientated like many and I find all sorts of interesting information in their magazines and newspapers and of course the people I meet. I will of course pass them on to you, the reader. I am about to embark on another book and this will be recipes. I love eating and I love cooking.

I am about to publish a book on all my ‘Poem Fridays’. That will be in a eBook form. Just waiting for the finer details to be finished.

Talk to you soon

open road

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My Friday Walk In Houston

This is sunrise on my walk Friday, in Houston. Not the same as Down Under but just as beautiful. It seem no matter where you are that hour of the morning is precious.

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Poem Friday – Hello Houston

Hello Houston
Author: – Lesley Voth

Hello Houston here I am again
Only to find you are in desperate need of rain

Well I was hoping I would bring some back from ‘Down Under’
They have had plenty of rain and heaps of thunder

But alas no such luck
Walk out the door to – oh shuck

Yesterdays temperature one hundred and three
A record they say, Drink plenty of Water and ice-cold tea

My blood it’s still thick from Aussie winter days
A bit hard to get back into the hot Texan ways

Never the less the beer tastes so good
That cold glass does wonders as it should

Tomorrow they say it will be a little cooler and so nice
So I will be out on my Harley, wind in my face, not change places for any price

I am in Air conditioning and working on my Mac
About to encourage my husband to go exercise and not be slack
Yep, Hello Houston its good to be back

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