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Did You Know – 08/07/2017


1. That you need to brush you teeth before bedtime as research from the Harvard University that twice daily brushing reduces your risk of bowel cancer. The University have found that there is a link between oral bacteria and inflammation in the body.


 2. Belladonna – Italian for ‘beautiful lady’ was used in a sleeping potion in Chaucer’s time. but today it is used in homeopathic medicine to alleviate infant teething, mastitis and menstrual pain and is especially used for acute illness with a violent onset such as flu with high fever.



3.The anthocyanin in bilberry protect the eyes against oxidative damage and have a relating effect on blood glucose.



4. Doctors at the University of Colorado School of medicine found newborn infants who were given 100mg of Phosphatidyl Choline had fewer negative brain changes that could signal developmental delays. . Phosphatidyl choline is built around the B vitamin choline and is essential to brain health. Choline is involved in methylation which regulates gene actions


5.  30 years after the death of artist Salvador Daii’s his body was exhumed to settle s paternity suit. When they opened the casket they found his iconic mustache was intact and also the ends were still pointing in the classic 10 past 10 position.


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Depressed – You are Not?

You know I like what this fellow has to say. The words ring true and maybe something to consider before you reach out for those happy pills that the doctor handed out to you.
We have addictions all over the world that have become ramped and out of control because of pills that have been handed willy nilly by some doctors in the medical profession before there has been enough study of their patients as to why they are feeling down and could it pass with some therapy.
We do have cases of PTSD which is a different scenario and they do need great care and observation to help them.
Like many I have had black days but they do pass, we get over it.
Anyway just watch the video and the next time you feel a little low chances are it will pass.

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Did You Know – 06/29/2015


1. 93.3% proportion of adults who log at least 2 hours of screen staring daily.Enough time to cause eye strain. Ways to avoid this is\:
a. Get uberhydrating contacts if you wear them
b. hold digital devices below eye level to minimize overuse of your ocular muscles.
c. Take a 5 minute break for every hour of screen time.
d. Screens make us blink less so when you take your break give your eyes an exercise of rapid blinking for a minute or so.

2. Andrew Jackson Taught His Parrot To Curse
The parrot had to be removed from President Jackson’s funeral because it wouldn’t stop swearing.


3. Houseflies don’t allow their short lifespans (14 days) to hinder their musical abilities. They always hum in the key of F.



4. 300 to 500 miles is the number of miles a pair of sneakers should be worn before being replaced.


5. President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her

6. Did you know that doctors now believe that spring fever — a colloquialism for that giddy burst of energy experienced when temperatures rise — is actually rooted in brain science?
Since the springtime brings longer and brighter days, we are exposed to more light. That light exposure triggers our brains to release less melatonin, the brain chemical that makes us sleepy in the winter, and more seratonin, a mood-elevating neurotransmitter. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Spring fever is the perfect cure for the winter blues.</strong>

7. Here’s a tidbit that might be useful if you plan on becoming the next Steve Irwin: To escape the grip of a crocodile’s jaw, push your thumb into its eyeball – It will let you go instantly.

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Sitting At Work For Hours Can Be As Unhealthy As Smoking

This subject I found quite interesting


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Take a stand for your health — literally.

Doctors are urging the millions of people who work at a desk all day to stand up or walk around the office.

As CBS 2′s Dr. Max Gomez reported, our couch-potato lifestyle is killing us at about the same rate as smoking.
And it’s not just sitting around at home; it’s also our sit-for-hours workdays that are part of an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.
“Sitting is probably killing me,” said Linda Caufield, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Caufiled is right. A number of studies have shown that prolonged sitting is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and even early death.
“Smoking certainly is a major cardiovascular risk factor, and sitting can be equivalent in many cases,” said Dr. David Coven, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. “The fact of being sedentary causes factors to happen in the body that are very detrimental.”

A recent study shows levels of physical activity and lower levels of sitting time were positively associated with excellent health and quality of life.
The obvious solution is to exercise more, but busy lifestyles and a common aversion to exercise make it hard to compensate for hours of sitting at a desk.

The good news, said Dr. Dermont Phelan, of the Cleveland Clinic, is “that doesn’t mean that we have to go to the gym for 30 minutes in the day. Just a brisk walk, and we don’t have to do it continuously. Even doing 10 minutes three times a day will work.”
While not an equal substitute for exercise, some doctors recommend getting up once an hour from your desk, even if it’s just to walk around briefly or go to the bathroom. Some people have even started using combination treadmill desks at work — anything that contracts our muscles and gets blood flowing.

“It dampens down inflammation,” Phelan explained. “It dampens down the risk of depositing plaque in the coronary arteries.”

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Drugs – Side Effects? – How To Avoid Them

The September publication of AARP Bulletin published an article about the number of people taking prescribed drugs and their side effects.
“There are a lot of people taking drugs to treat the side effects of drugs” Gordon Schiff, M.D. Harvard Medical School.

The article can be read on http://www.aarp.org/health/drugs-supplements/info-09-2011/prescription-drug-side-effects.html

This article has no surprises to most people, but I think the figures do, like at least 4.5 million Americans a year go to their doctor because of the adverse effect of the drugs that they are consuming.

Most of the time when we go to the doctor for a particular ailment, we assume that the drug that he prescribes will only target that particular area. This of course is not possible because we have to digest this drug, it goes into our blood stream so really it will affect many of our organs so of course they will react to some of these drugs. They can make you feel nauseous, maybe give you stomach pains and many other symptoms.

I avoid going to the doctors like the plague, I don’t even know a doctor’s name who I could visit if I did have a problem. I am one of those lucky ones that has pretty good health. Well so far. If I am feeling a little “Under the weather” as they say, I usually will go for a walk or a bike ride or a swim in the ocean. If I am really feeling bad I will go to bed and sleep it off.

Personally I believe that doctors prescribe too many drugs to their patients and of course most patients readily take these drugs without too many questions, because they have total faith in their doctor.

Here are seven points from the article to consider on how to avoid drug reactions

1. If you are experiencing a change that does not feel right, contact your doctor.
Often when you take a drug you will feel the effect of it in some way. Find out from your doctor if this is normal and if your body will get used to it and the symptoms gradually wear off. If it persists then demand that you have another examination as it may be a serious medical problem.

2. If you are taking several drugs, ask your doctor or pharmacist to review them

I am amazed at the amount of tablets my Mother takes each day. I know she is 93, but how she doesn’t feel ill from the mixture, I will never know. I have asked the doctor about them but he assures me they are all necessary.
If you think you are taking too many tablets ask your doctor to review them. Another suggestion is see a certified consultant pharmacist trained in managing a number of drugs. This is not a free service but your health plan may pay for it.

3. Ask about lifestyle changes that you may be able to consider
I am a great believer in exercise, so maybe you could ask your doctor about some life style changes. The obvious is losing weight, and giving up smoking. Exercising is definitely one to consider, it may eventually help you avoid taking some of your drugs as your health improves.

4. Ask for a prescribed drug that has been on the market for at least seven years
Basically if a drug has been on the market for at least 5 to 10 years, the chances are side effects of the drug have already shown up. Some reactions do not happen immediately they can take several months, even a year.

5. Ask your doctor why he is prescribing a particular drug.
Find out as much as you can about what you are about to consume. Ask about the risks, and the benefits. Is there an alternative drug.

6. Don’t stop taking a drug without consulting your doctor.
There maybe worse side effects if you stop taking a drug suddenly.

7. Review your medications on line
WebMD is very informative. Also go to AARP’s Drug Interaction Checker at aarp.org/healthtools


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Not Feeling Well? Click Here

Did you know according to Pew Research Centre that 61% of Americans search the internet for medical info.
It seems that too much privacy can be bad for your health and sharing your health problems may actually cure or at the least give you some relief. It appears when patients swap health stories their information and wisdom sharing is far better than what they learn at the doc’s.

You are able to discuss reactions to different drugs, symptoms you have, discuss medical tests you may have had with others with similar disorders.

There is room for concern when it comes to health sharing sites because of overload of data and misinformation. The wisest thing to do of course is combine online info with your Doctor.

Many Americans are not insured so going to see the doctor can be a financial burden. Maybe with some discussion online you are able to solve your problem and save that trip to the doctor.

Not Feeling Well? « Click here

1. PatientsLikeMe.com « Founded by three MIT engineers in 2004. The site’s largest communities are dedicated to ALS, Epilepsy, and fibromyalgia.

2. HealthCentral.com« A solid general URL with more than 35 disease communities, plus a symptom checker that allows you to pinpoint your pain on an illustrated body diagram.

3. ACOR.org « The association of Cancer online resources site hosts oncochat.org, a real-time chat room that lets cancer patients and survivors exchange information and support.

4. Keas.com « This tracking site helps users set health management goals especially those related to weight, depression and diabetes. It also sends out test and checkup reminders, breaks down lab results and runs Q&A’s in its community section.

5. Curetogether.com « The two-year old community website’s main focus is tracking and maintaining members’ health data, especially for conditions that affect women, such as endometriosis, vulvodynia, and irritable bowel syndrome.

SOURCE « Brigid Sweeney – Womens Health Magazine – Sept 2010

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Woman Pole Dancers… Now Men…

There is an article in the Washington Post today, written by Vicky Hallett. The subject is male pole dancing. Evidently it is not just women that are pole dancing; the guys are doing it too. Once it was the girls who got the workout and the fella’s eyes were the only part that got the exercise, plus the flap on their wallets as they throw in a dollar or two.

Now we have the men doing it. Dressed mostly in hip hop gear, showing the “six pack” and a great deal of strength and talent, as you can see from this video.

They are now incorporating it into some gyms and why not. I am not sure that I would be concentrating on my own exercises if that was going on in my gym, but I would try.

I am not sure that this article comes under Savings or Frugal, but I am sure, if you had a pole in your home, it would save you going to the clubs and or the gym. Either way if you participated, it is probably very good for your health, so it would save you on doctors bills.


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