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Day 8 – 22 Pushups – 22 Days – Awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Day 8 –  22 Pushups – 22 Days – Awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

It seems the video operator cut my head out of the picture, but thats ok you can see that its me. I guess the excitement of the Texans winning  the game against the Chicago team and a couple of bottles of ‘Prosecco’ his judgement was not very focused. Plus I did 24 pushups and not 22. 

The reason for 22 days and 22 pushups is the recognition and awareness of proven statistical evidence that there are at least 22 veterans commit suicide each day in the United States Of America and a growing number in Australia. There has been 274 suicides in Australia since 1999.

For most of us, we can not comprehend the trauma that they experience and how tolerant and supportive we must be for those who fight for our freedoms. It is not only tragic for our vets it is certainly heartbreaking for the families of these young men and women.
Today I nominate Tuff Adams nomad of SOLMC to take the challenge.

No pressure . If you can great, if not that’s ok too.
But once you accept, you start tomorrow. The rules are simple:
* Once you are nominated your 22 days starts the following day.
* Every day you record yourself doing 22 push ups, try your best to reach 22. If that means doing assisted push ups (from your knees) or you have to stop and take a break, that is fine but try and get them all done in one video.
* Every day the push-ups must be in a different location.
* Every day you just nominate a different person.
* And finally have fun with this!
This a great way to have fun and let these courageous Men and Women who put their life on the line and those suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) know that someone is thinking about them.
You can make donations to assist in the rehabilitation of our veterans with PTSD on the website of ‘Getheadstrong.org
Crisis line in USA
Crisis line in Australia

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Did You Know -01/11/2016


  1. The level of melanin in your iris controls eye colour. Brown eyes contain more melanin (a dark pigment in the iris), while blue eyes have less. This enables blue collagen to show through. It is interesting enough to note that if you have blue eyes, you share a common ancestor with every other blue-eyed individual on earth. The first ever blue-eyed person lived sometime between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. Before him, everybody had brown eyes.

These are just some of the amazing facts there are about the eyes which should give you enough reason to be thankful for them.


2. In 1977 a 37 year old man named Jerry Ehman was a voluntary researcher for Ohio State University’s now defunct Big Ear radio observatory. It was here that a giant telescope was scanning the skies on August 15. In those days, any information was processed through an IBM 1130 mainframe computer, printed onto some perforated paper and then examined by hand. It was by doing this that Ehman spotted something extraordinary – a vertical column with the alphanumerical sequence: ‘6EQUJ5’. Ehman grabbed a red pen and circled the sequence. In the margin he simply wrote ‘Wow!’.


More than three decades later, the Wow Signal is still the first and best potential evidence of communication with extra-terrestrials and it also remains one of the biggest mysteries in science. Over the years, Ehman and his colleagues have worked to rule out potential candidates of what the signal could’ve been sent from – such as satellites, aircrafts or ground-based transmitters on Earth. Although this is the case, it still hasn’t been proved the signal came from ‘aliens’.

The Wow Signal is one big open question.




3. A dog’s love towards his family is unconditional, and a classic example of this is the story of Hachiko, an Akita dog who was born in 1923 in Japan. He was adopted by an agricultural professor who took him home and took on the role as his new owner. Both of them formed a very special bond.

During their time together, the professor would take a train ride home each working day and be greeted by Hachiko at the train station. Hachiko would sit and wait for the professor at the end of each working day, without fail.

one day the professor suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage (brain bleed), and passed away, never to return to the train station again where his beloved companion was waiting.

For the next nine years, Hachiko attracted the attention of many people far and wide as each day, without fail, he would visit the train station as normal and wait for his owner.

Hachiko passed away in 1935, aged 11 years



4. Clinomania, or Dysania as it is more commonly known, causes sufferers to find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Clinomania, or Dysania as it is more commonly known, causes sufferers to find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Classified as an anxiety disorder Dysania sufferers wake readily enough, however they find the task of rising from bed extremely difficult. The condition is commonly referenced when a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



5. Mephobia – Fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can’t handle it and everybody dies. 

 The phobia does indeed exist and there have been a few reported cases of people having it – though many more claim to have it!


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Recipe For A Good Nights Sleep

Sleep is a problem for thousands of people in the world. Young and old. It is not until you suffer from a sleeping disorder, that you realize how it can drive you crazy.
I had a problem with it for sometime and tried everything bar sleeping upside down. Now I think I have it conquered.

Researchers study show that one effect of not sleeping, is that it can effect your weight. They say that sleeplessness can cause you to put on weight and as you read more on this topic you find that the two go hand in hand. If you are overweight you will probably have a sleeping problem.
It also affects your mental ability. The ability to solve problems, to be alert, just to get through your day. It certainly affects your sex life and your relationship with your spouse. It affects your tolerance with the children or work mates.The repercussions of lacking in sleep are enormous.

I believe though there are a few people who live well and alert on little sleep. Winston Churchill was one, Margaret Thatcher the PM of England was another and I am sure there are many people who function very well on about 4 hours of sleep. But not me.
It affects my ability to be a nice person. If I suffer from lack of sleep I am like a” bear with a sore head”

I have just been reading an article written in the Washington Post by Jennifer LaRue Huget, about being sleep deprived and the fact there is really not been a lot of positive results from research.

Michael Grandner, a sleep researcher at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology, admitted it was hard to find food that could help with sleep.
He said it is easier to advise what not to eat or drink before bedtime. Grandner tracked the sleeping habits of 459 women and found that it was not the likes of coffee that produced less sleep it was the amount of fat that you ate. His result was that the more fat you consume the less the less you slept.
“Women who ate the most fat slept for shorter times and took more naps. This research was not just aimed at older women it applied across the spectrum.
He said “Some of this may be due to high rates of undiagnosed sleep apnea in obese people. It may have to do with the fact that the hormones that control our feelings of hunger get disrupted when sleep is disrupted”

Of course coffee should be avoided in the late afternoon and evenings. Alcohol is another on the “no no” list. Christine Gerbstadt, a medical doctor, registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietary Association, says: “Alcohol does disrupt the sleep cycle. It delays the onset of and shortens REM sleep, which is the restful sleep” you need every night.

Apparently red and white wine contain melatonin but the alcohol interferes with the REM sleep.

It seems that milk does not have the affect that it has been portrayed, as a sleep enhancer. Milk and herbal tea are more of a relaxer rather than a substance that will help you to sleep.

I personally used to suffer from lack of sleep. The experts were saying that exercise was good for those who had a problem with sleep, but for me it made no difference. I have always done some form of exercise every day of the working week. I was always training for something but my sleeping patterns seem to get worse for me. It always took me a long time to get to sleep the longer it took the more frustrated I used to get and of course affected my fitness.

I tried the milk thing, milk and molasses, milk and honey, brandy and honey. I changed my colorful pillows and sheets to soft blue and white to try to improve my sleep. None of these seem to make any difference.
Some nights I would sleep like a baby and others not. I never knew why or which thing I did that gave me the good nights sleep.

I am a person who has a routine in my daily activities. I rarely go to bed after 9pm and am up very early and I eat, pretty much the same sort of food.

Anyway to cut a long story short I think I now have the answer to my sleepless nights. It works for me anyway.

Straight after dinner I have a calcium tablet and then just as I go to bed I have a quarter of a melatonin 3mg tablet, which I chew,then let it soak under my tongue for a second or two then drink a glass of water to wash it down.
I have a great sleep and before I know it the alarm is ringing. I wake up feeling fresh.

I did take the whole tablet at the beginning but I found I woke up a drowsy and I think it used to make me a bit foggy for a few hours after waking up.

Give it a try, it could work for you. That is my recipe for a good nights sleep. It may not work for everyone.

Sweet Dreams


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