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Small Savings – Big Fortune

  • Attend Spring Training – See how your favorite baseball players work with their coaches – for free! Check out springtrainingconnection.com for locations and schedules. Savings $30 the average price of a major league game.

  • If your car is driven under 5,000 miles a year – Ask your insurer for a low mileage discount. Average annual savings of $92.00 or 17% discount


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Don’t Buy – Rent Toys For Holidays

As you well know children will get bored or not even like some of the gifts that you buy them for Christmas.

There is now several online toy – rental services popping up, changing the way you entertain your children and changing your spending habits.

The idea of renting toys, in my opinion seems like a great money saving choice.
You are able to put a lot of toys under the tree for only around $25.00 to $50.00. The service is  mostly geared towards toddlers and young children because they  are of the age where they are very choosy about what they  like and don’t like.
“For a monthly fee, parents can rent toys on sites like Toy-garoo-dot-com, Baby Plays-Dot-Com. The toys come to your home and parents send them back for new ones when their kids get tired of them.” EyeWitness news.
If you decide that some of the toys you would like to keep you can buy at a discount.
I personally think this is a great idea and can save you hundreds of dollars at Christmas.
All the toys are cleaned and sanitized so there is no worry about passing or receiving germs.
If you are trying to cut back on spending this Christmas it is a smart way to go.

It is of course  is very different from what we are used to. Different way of thinking but so was renting clothes and handbags and now  it is a business has become very popular.

Here is a video explaining the process

If you don’t do different nothing will change.

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Saving Tip For Today « 8/19/2010

Keep your eyes on the register at your supermarket.

Empty your cart of groceries on to the belt at the register before the assistant starts scanning your items. You can ask the assistant to wait till you are ready. The reason for this is so that you are able to keep an eye on the price of the items being scanned.
Many stores have a “Scan guarantee policy” which means you get the item for free or at a discount if the price the register displays is higher than the real price.
It also enables you to check the prices as the assistant scans them. I have found that often an item that has been reduced does not register at the lower price.
This process can save you quite a few dollars over time.

Source: https://simplyfantasticbooks.com/simply-fantastic/

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