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Not The Devils Sting

Not The Devils Sting
Author; Lesley Voth

How thankful am I for those unseen
I call them my angels, beautiful and pristine

They help me be strong, they hold me up
They help me see not an empty but a full cup

Right now I am being held beneath their wings
protecting me from some of what life brings

I know, that they know, my tears will disappear
But right now they see sadness, disappointment and fear

I need my own space so I can be me, and heal
A place on my own, so I am free to breathe, faith to feel

I so want to sing that song from deep inside
Feel joy, love, know life is a long and meaningful, genuine ride

I have made mistakes, in fact many, that is true
You reap what you sow and I guess that is why I am feeling blue

So now I hope what tomorrow will bring
Will be an angels touch not the devils sting


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