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5 More Saving Ways Today


1.Cost Estimator: Repairpal.com gives free quotes for car repairs and recommends competent repair shops.


2. The cheapest gas day of the week: In 29 States in the US are to be bought on Monday according to GasBuddy.com  You can save up to $30 a year.


3. Older driver course: AARP offers a driver course and you may save about $100 per year on your car  insurance. I notice Whitefish High school does as well.

4. Outside airport for Car Rentals: Choose a location near the airport for a rental car. Not at the Airport. Go to Autoslash.com to track your reservation and apply deals and coupons


5. Humanesociety.org – For a list of programs offering assistance with pet expenses. Search for “affording your pet” on the site

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Best Buy Wednesday On Friday – Hot Deals At Sammy Dress

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.20.55 AM

The prices for these clothes are just so cheap it’s amazing. The only drawback maybe that the delivery is not so fast. Always, Always check the size chart for your size.
Click on the image above to check out all the Hot deals

Just click on the images below to check out the great deals

Stylish Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Hollow Out Skull Pattern T-Shirt For Women

Stylish Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Hollow Out Skull Pattern T-Shirt For Women » Only $6.99

Stylish 1/2 Batwing Sleeve Asymmetric Solid Color Loose Dress For Women

Stylish 1/2 Batwing Sleeve Asymmetric Solid Color Loose Dress For Women » Only $6.80

Stylish Round Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Plus Size Lace Romper For Women

Stylish Round Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Plus Size Lace Romper For Women » Only $8.99

Vintage Patterned Long Sleeve Irregular Cardigan For Women

Vintage Patterned Long Sleeve Irregular Cardigan For Women » Only $11.57

Fluffy Trendy Full Bang Capless Light Blonde Long Heat Resistant Synthetic Natural Wave Wig For Women

Fluffy Trendy Full Bang Capless Light Blonde Long Heat Resistant Synthetic Natural Wave Wig For Women » Only $12.12

Vintage Style Plunging Neck 3/4 Sleeve Full Floral Print Elastic Waist Front Slit Women's Maxi Dress

Vintage Style Plunging Neck 3/4 Sleeve Full Floral Print Elastic Waist Front Slit Women’s Maxi Dress » Only $10.93

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Take a Look – Nothing to lose

I am not personally in the habit of promoting any money making deals. The reason being 9 times out of 10 I do not know the person promoting the business so am not prepared to take the risk. I am not against anyone making money but of course I don’t like them doing it at my expense. Done it before and had my fingers burnt.

My Husband and I have been making a study of the business below created by a guy called Vick Strizheus. We have been looking into this for almost a year and have come to the conclusion it is the best deal you are going to see for some time.
Vick Strizheus from High Traffic Academy is doing a LIVE class teaching exactly what’s working right now and how you can immediately model this in your business too.

Vick will show you his step-by-step process for creating up to $10,000+ per month income, even if you have no list or never made a dime before!

Look, you have nothing to lose and more to gain by watching this video and its FREE.

Just click on the picture below or go to http://bit.ly/1MnFmTc

Remember ‘If you don’t do different nothing will change’

HTA 336x280B

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Businesses Offer Free Meals, Deals on Veterans Day

FORT MEADE, MD (Army News Service, Nov. 7, 2011) More than a dozen restaurant chains are offering free meals or specials to veterans and service members over the Veterans Day weekend and many other businesses are giving discounts in honor of military service.

Hundreds of inns across North America, along with bed and breakfast locations, are also offering free rooms the night before Veterans Day to those who have served in the military.

More than 500 innkeepers throughout the United States and Canada are participating in the “B&B for Vets” program by offering at least one room free to a veteran and guest.

Many of the bed and breakfast rooms have already been reserved, but as of Monday, vacancies still remained from Maine to Hawaii. For instance, rooms were available on Tybee Island, Ga., in Silverton, Colo., at Turtleback Farm in Washington state and at scores of other locations.

A full list of participating inns and B&B locations can be found at betterwaytostay.com. The free rooms are only for Thursday night, so that veterans and service members can wake up in the facility on Nov. 11.

Kathy Daaman, owner of the Waldo Emerson Inn, said her establishment in Kennebunk, Maine, is participating “just to help out and show our thanks to all the people who served.” She said although their free room is already reserved, discounts are being offered to veterans through Nov. 17.

Proof of veterans status may be requested by the inns, restaurants and other businesses offering specials, organizers point out. Such proof could range from a military identification card, to military discharge papers, to a universal access card issued by Veterans Affairs. Some businesses are even accepting a picture of the veteran in uniform.

In addition to freebies offered by businesses, the National Park Service is offering free admission Nov. 11-13 to service members and veterans at more than 100 locations across America.

The U.S. Army Band (Pershing’s Own) is offering free admission to its concert Friday night at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. The concert features the legendary rock band Kansas. Free tickets can be obtained from Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities.

If a free meal before the concert is desired, restaurant chains advise calling ahead to specific locations, because they warn that not all franchises honor the specials offered by their parent organizations.


Applebees—All veterans and active-duty military eat free from a limited menu on Veterans Day.

Chili’s—Veterans and service members can dine for free from a special six-item menu on Veterans Day.

Golden Corral—Military Appreciation Monday includes a free dinner, Nov. 14, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. for military retirees, veterans, and current service members.

Famous Dave’s—Offers for free or discounted meals on Veterans Day vary by location.

Hooters—All veterans and service members get 10 free wings with the purchase of a drink.

Krispy Kreme—A free donut is available for all service members, retirees and veterans.

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants—This Sunday, participating McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants are offering a complimentary entree to vets from a special menu on a space-available basis. Online reservations are highly recommended.

Outback Steakhouse—Nov. 7-15, Outback will offer veterans and military a free Bloomin’ Onion and beverage

Subway Restaurants—Free six-inch sub or flatbread available to military vets on Veterans Day.

Texas Roadhouse—Free meals available to veterans from opening until 4 p.m. on Veterans Day.

T.G.I. Friday’s—Veterans and service members can buy one meal and get another free, Nov. 11-13.

UNO Chicago Grill—Nov. 7-15, UNO is offering a 19.43 percent discount on food and non-alcoholic beverage beverages to vets and military. The chain explains that 1943 was the year UNO invented the deep dish pizza.

Abuelo’s Mexican Food—Offers vary by region.

Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurants—Special offers for vets on Veterans Day.


Amazon.com—A free downloadable MP3 album includes 12 songs performed by military bands and ensembles from now through Veterans Day.

The Dollar General—Veterans, service members and their immediate families can receive a 10-percent discount with a Veterans Day coupon.

Home Depot—Offers a 10 percent discount to all veterans on Veterans Day. Home Depot offers a 10 percent discount year-round to active duty military and retirees.

Lowe’s—All veterans receive the 10 percent discount for purchases of up to $5,000. A 10 percent discount is available year-round to active-duty military and retirees.

Sam’s Club—Nov. 9-11, Sam’s Club will give away collapsible Hugo Canes on Veterans Day to military veterans who need them.

Seven-Eleven—On Nov. 11 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., veterans can get a free small Slurpee.

Cabela’s Outdoor Store—Employee discounts are being offered to all veterans, active-duty military and reserve-component troops, along with law-enforcement, fire and emergency-management personnel Nov.11-12. Discounts vary from 5 percent to 50 percent, depending on item.

Build-a-Bear Workshop—Members of the armed services, including the Coast Guard and ROTC, receive a 20 percent discount Nov. 11-15 on any one transaction at the workshop.

Fashion Bug—Offering 20 percent off all plus-size and misses clothing purchases with a copy of military ID or spouse’s military ID.

Sports Clips Haircuts—Offering free haircuts to active-military and veterans on Nov. 11.


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Saving Tip For Today… 7/20/2010

Save on Groceries

Go to mygrocerydeals.com and you can compare prices in supermarkets in your area. Check by product, category or store.

Another site » groceryguide.com You need to register for both of these sites and both are Free

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7 Deals you should not make!

I read this article today which was written by Suze Orman. . I thought it was fantastic advice.
The advice she gives is probably some you already know but I am sure you are not aware of all of them and it will save you from getting into financial difficulty if you are about to go into any of these financial transactions.
A lot of her advice is in my book Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less (which of course I recommend that you buy) . Suze also has some added information that was new to me and probably new to you.

As any of my readers will be aware of, is that it is my aim to get everyone to keep track of their spending, make reductions in expenses where they can and ultimately get themselves out of debt, into a life of freedom. In my opinion Suze Orman is probably one of the best, practical, down to earth financial advisors.

Enjoy the read and I am sure you will find this information helpful. Remember “If you don’t do different nothing will change”.

If It looks like a bargain, it sounds like a bargain, it must be a bargain—right? Not always. When it comes to the many financial options out there, what seems great at first glance is often anything but a fair shake. You’ll spare yourself serious money woes if you understand the true cost of any financial decision—whether you’re transferring a balance or helping your child select a college. Here are the deals you never want to make

Don’t: Opt for lower monthly payments with a five-year (or longer) car loan.
According to Federal Reserve data, the average new-car loan term is 63 months. That’s ten months longer than a decade ago, and, to put it simply, longer is a waste of money. Your car is a depreciating asset—after just one year, its value will be 30 to 50 percent lower. So don’t pay interest on it for any longer than you have to.

Do: Sign up for a car loan only if it’s for 36 months or less.
If the shorter term makes the monthly payment too high, you need to shop for a less expensive car.

Don’t: Buy sale items on credit.
Say a product you buy often is 15 percent off, so you decide to buy in bulk. Paying with a credit card could get you in trouble. If you purchase $350 worth of merchandise at a 15 percent discount, your bill will be $298. But if the $298 goes onto your credit card at 20 percent interest and you pay only the minimum due each month (usually about 3 percent), it will take you two years and $67 in interest to pay it off.

Do: Pay with cash or a debit card.
If you do use credit, pay off the purchase in full when the bill arrives. If the item is nonessential, don’t make the purchase at all. Use the calculator in the credit card section of BankRate.com to compute the true cost of paying only the minimum due.

Don’t: Get a low deductible on your auto or home insurance policy.
Limiting your out-of-pocket costs seems smart, but with a deductible of just $250 or so, you’re more likely to file small claims in the event of an accident or loss of property. That’s a quick way to get on your insurer’s bad side—your premium may increase at renewal time, or your insurer may decline to keep you as a customer.

Do: Raise your deductible to $1,000.
Handle small issues out-of-pocket and save your insurance for major problems. Not only will you stay in your insurer’s good graces, you’ll reduce your annual premium by at least 10 percent.

Don’t: Let your child go to that fantastic college if it’s outside your price range.
Your teen understands the need to apply to a safety school—and it’s your job to make sure every school she applies to is financially safe, too. A college education can be incredibly valuable, but it makes no sense to rack up massive debt to obtain one. And I can’t stress this enough: Do not deplete your retirement fund to pay for college. That money needs to keep working for your future.

Do: Start making the numbers work in high school (if you haven’t already set aside funds in a 529 plan or other savings account).
If your teen is an academic achiever, scoring well on Advanced Placement tests can reduce her required coursework in college, and since fewer than 40 percent of students graduate in four years—and a fifth year can add 25 percent to the total cost—that’s a huge leg up. Bear in mind that the average tuition at a four-year public college for the 2009–2010 school year was $7,020, compared with $26,273 for a private college. If your child’s chosen career requires a graduate degree, spending less at the undergrad level will be a big help when it comes time to finance grad school. Once the acceptance letters arrive, make sure you fill out the FAFSA form to see if you’re eligible for financial aid. And try to stick with federal loans—at a maximum 6.8 percent fixed interest rate, the Stafford loan program is the best deal going. Once your kid maxes out on Stafford’s, you can look into a PLUS loan; parents can borrow up to the full amount of school minus any aid, and the fixed rate is 7.9 percent.

Don’t: Fall for teaser and variable rates.
Some credit card companies lure you in with a rate of 0 percent but raise it to 18 percent after the initial promotional period. Adjustable-rate mortgages that started at 2 percent or lower in 2005 have reset at much higher rates, sending thousands of people into foreclosure. And that private college loan that started at 10 percent? It could climb to 15 percent or higher if it’s tied to an index that rises. The bottom line: If the interest rate isn’t permanent, you could get taken for a ride.

Do: Stick with a 30-year fixed-rate home mortgage…
…(average is currently 5 percent), avoid credit card promotions altogether, and, as much as possible, steer clear of private college loans—again, Stafford and PLUS loans are the way to go.

Don’t: Transfer balances.
A few years ago, transferring your debt to a card with lower rates would have been a no-brainer, as many card issuers charged a maximum balance transfer fee of $50 to $75. But today companies often charge a percentage of your entire balance—usually between 3 and 5 percent (and a 3 percent fee on a $5,000 transfer is $150).

Do: Try to find a no-fee transfer deal at CreditCardConnection.org.
And if you are considering a deal that charges fees, use the calculator at CreditCards.com to determine whether you’ll come out ahead.

Don’t: Use a debt settlement firm.
Those TV ads that promise to negotiate a deal with your creditors so you pay only a fraction of the bill can be enticing—but you should change the channel, and quick. According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, debt settlement firms typically charge fees between 13 and 20 percent of your total debt, or a cut of the total debt reduction plus a hefty monthly fee of $50 or more. Not to mention that many of these companies are far from squeaky-clean—several simply collect your fees without doing much at all to improve your situation, and the Federal Trade Commission has numerous cases pending against the worst offenders. Furthermore, even if you are able to negotiate a lower payment, you will likely owe federal tax on the amount forgiven (the IRS considers it income), and a settlement will hurt your credit score.

Do: The negotiating for yourself.
If you’re unable to make your payments, call your creditors. They would rather get something than nothing from you, and they’re just as willing to deal with you as they are with a debt settlement company. Asking to settle your bill for less than the full balance will work only if you have enough funds to make a lump-sum offer—you’ll need to bring cash to the table. And remember that if they accept, there could still be a tax bill coming your way.


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Surfing for Savings.

By Laura Daily, January & February 2010, AARP magazine

Searching for travel deals? These five websites can make your next trip a cheap one


Surprise! This trendy social-networking site, best known for its brevity (posts are no more than 140 characters in length), offers a new way to find vacation deals. Journalists boosted the site’s popularity, but users now include everyday people and various companies. To find travel specials, first create your own account. Then type a company’s name in the site’s “Find People” box. Next you’ll see the company’s username-click on that to check out deals. Bargains can be fleeting, so act fast. Twitter fares from United, such as Phoenix to Denver for $53 one way, last only two hours. Starwood recently featured rooms starting at $69 at its Las Vegas hotels. CruiseSource.us also posts sales, such as a $798 special for a seven-night cruise on Royal Caribbean, with a $150 onboard credit plus $50 toward shore excursions. To subscribe to a company’s Twitter feed, just click on the “Follow” link.


This site searches for domestic and international deals—last-minute specials and undersold inventory, from hotels to flights—and posts them in one place. You can plug in an originating city (to learn what’s on sale today) or filter searches by dates, hotel ratings, price, or desired experience (a beach or romantic getaway, for example). We recently found a room at the Tropicana on the Vegas Strip for $29 per night.


Yes, lots of airfare search engines are on the Web, but this one has a twist: it rates itineraries on 12 quality factors such as legroom, aircraft age, and security wait times, with each flight scoring up to 100 points. We found a January fare from Boston to Los Angeles, with one stop, for $257 roundtrip and a total of 75 points. But spending $42 more pushed our trip quality to 95 points—pointing us to a nonstop flight with more legroom. (Another website, fly.com, has a similar service; its “Why Me?” feature shows amenities and explains why you may want to choose one flight over another.)


Last-minute planners can access hundreds of the upcoming week’s “Hot Deals” at B&Bs, country inns, and historic hotels. Specials posted once a month can include discounts for B&B getaways booked online. If you visit the site in January, you’ll find its “Best Deal Ever”: make an online reservation that includes a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and get 20 percent off midweek dates. Sale rates are valid for travel booked from January 1 through March 30.


This is a popular site for traveler reviews—with more than 25 million posted—but it also offers new features to help you book cheaper trips. A “Fees Estimator” calculates the total cost of domestic flights—going beyond base ticket prices from airlines and factoring in baggage fees. And a new vacation-rentals calculator compares the cost of a hotel with a rental. A recent scenario: Two people staying five nights in Miami could have saved as much as $330 by booking a rental instead of a hotel.



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Freebies and good information sites

These sites come to me via email, and find that their information is excellent for free stuff and coupons plus good informative information. Passing them forward to you.

BloggingMLB.com. Interesting information

Frugal Fritzie. Lots of coupons and freebies, excellent.

Freebiesave Another website with lots of good deals.

Own the Dollar This is another very informative site.

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