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Did You Know – 11/28/2016


  1. Judean Date Palm was miraculously brought back to life following the chance discovery of seeds in the 2,000-year-old ruins of Masada, the male date palm tree named Methuselah, the only one of his kind, has become a father.

For thousands of years, the date palm was a staple crop in the Kingdom of Judea, as it was a source of food, shelter and shade.  Thick forests of the palms towering up to 80 feet and spreading for 7 miles covered the Jordan River valley from the Sea of Galilee in the north to the shores of the Dead Sea in the south.

So valued was the tree that it became a recognized as a symbol of good fortune in Judea.  It is chronicled in the Bible, Quran and ancient literature for its diverse powers, from an aphrodisiac to a contraceptive, and as a cure for a wide range of diseases including cancer, malaria and toothache.


2. Raynaud’s disease is a condition that turns your fingers white or blue when you are cold. Your body overreact to cold temperatures and restricts blood flow to the extremities. Apparently smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrow, limiting blood circulation to affected areas




3. According to studies too much exercise is not healthy. Your body’s Homeostasis (regulators that keep the composition of the extracellular fluids constant) collapses when you over do exercise. Moderation is important. Stress on the body produces large amounts of free radicals that causes stress like sore or strained muscles. So overdoing exercise has no health benefits.  Source: The Enzyme Factor. (Excellent book – worth getting)



4. Water the giver of life – Our bodies are composed of nearly 90 percent waters using pure water for drinking and bathing is essential to our health. More than 700 pollutants most of them carcinogens often found in drinking water from municipal sources and rural wells. The exposure to our skin is significant and goes unrecognized as a health threat . Filtered water is the safest way to go. It can be a little pricy but it is the only way to give your family the highest quality water. 

Source: Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of ways to live to be 100

Additional source: http://lifechanging-water.com



5. I know it’s almost winter here in the States but it will be summer sometime somewhere and there will be bugs and mosquitos. Now as you know repellents contain dangerous chemicals. It has been shown that prescription drugs in you system can combine with other compounds such as what you put on your skin and can cause brain cell death and other neurotic reactions including seizures. A natural substance which I use daily in my oil burner (it is also called Indian oil of verbena) is a great choice to keep the bugs away. You will find it at your health food store.

Source: Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of ways to live to be 100 (another excellent book I have had it for years. Not sure if I will live till 100 but will give it a try)

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Einstein’s PREDICTION!

Einstein’s spoken word my have come true



Planning their honeymoon
A day at the beach.
Having dinner out with your friends.
Out on an intimate date.
Having a conversation with your BFF
A visit to the museum

Those are strong words but not too far from the truth. I am not sure about the word idiots but if you think about it those pictures depict a lack of awareness of the surroundings. I fear they allow, to pass, the beauty, the intimacy, maybe the love of their life, many opportunities because their eyes don’t see.

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Cheap Date Ideas

Hey, I don’t mean being a cheap skate. If you’re on a tight budget, but don’t want to appear broke, and would rather like to give a good impression. Here are some money-saving suggestions.

Eating out

Now this is one way you can blow your budget. An evening at a restaurant can be as much as what you would pay for groceries for a whole week. You need to come up with some innovative ideas on how to dine your new interest. After all you don’t want to spend money that you can’t afford on someone who by the end of the night you might find is not quite what you expected and don’t intend to see them again. Painful.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Go for coffee first. That doesn’t stretch the budget too much and a cake or cookie is not as expensive as say a lunch. It’s actually a nice informal way to get to know someone as well.

2. Try asking him or her for breakfast. You would both have to be early risers if it was during the week, but maybe you could make it Saturday morning or Saturday or Sunday mid morning. Cook up a great feast, Bacon, Eggs , Pancakes, French toast, fruit and yogurt, Mimosa (inexpensive champagne and orange juice. If the weather is nice have it outside.

3. Invite your date for dinner. If you have a BBQ, ask her or him around for a BBQ. It can be inexpensive and a nice informal dinner with a couple of beers or glasses of wine. Again if the weather is pleasant, eat outside. It’s a great way to get to know someone (and how well they can cook). If you don’t have a BBQ and you are not good at cooking , ask your Mother to cook for you. No harm in asking, she can only say yes or no.

4. Have a Picnic. Now I am all for picnics. Get some wine, or juice, make some sandwiches or go buy some. Then go to a local park or nice area for such an activity. (don’t forget the mosquito spray and a blanket to sit on if there is not picnic tables)


This also can also put a hole in your budget if not planned well. Hopefully you have chosen someone with simple tastes. If this person is high maintenance, you had better give him or her a miss until you can financially support her or his tastes.

Here are some inexpensive things to do:

1. Movies – Find out what he or she likes in Movies. Find one that you are both compatible with. Quickly pass the food area. Here’s an idea – arrive to the movies late (not so you will miss the start) then you won’t have time to buy popcorn and all the expensive junk they sell at the movies.

2. Rent Movies at home. After the BBQ you can watch a movie. Another way to get to know them.

3. Music in the Park – Often there is a free music festival in your local park area. They can often be very entertaining. Check out the newspaper for some free events that may be of interest.

4. Beach walking – If you went to the beach for a picnic, often there are activities at the beach you can do. People watching is good and just chatting.

5. Get friends together – Ask some friends around to meet you new attraction. That way you can see if she or he likes your friends. Play cards or play some other games together. They might be competitive and pout when they lose or they might be social butterflies and your friends will love them.

6. Hiking – If you are in an area that has great hiking trails go on a hike. (this is only ok though if your interest is of the physical type)

7. Sex – Well if any of the above went well. It’s free and it’s fun.

Hope this has given you some ideas of what you can do when you need to entertain on the cheap and make it enjoyable at the same time.

It is really not about the money it is about making yourself available and putting effort into making someone have an enjoyable time.


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