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10 Things We Can Do Without – In My Opinion!


Baking soda in a dish, burning candles and burning bamboo are all natural deodorizers. They also don’t come in non recyclable cans.


Remember what fun it was making cut out dolls or dolls from wooden clothe pegs. Just the pleasure as a child making things out of next to nothing. Using plastic containers to make castles out of or making sand castles. Making a storage shed for your toy cars. Great way to stimulate your child’s imagination.


That becomes very expensive. Make sure you buy shirts are washable and need no ironing. A household hint for smelly garments is to spritz with non flavored vodka. You could have a little martini while waiting for it to dry.


No nutrients, cans not exactly environmentally friendly, can cause obesity. Yes I think we can do without them.


Tempting but really at the end of the day they usually sit at the bottom of your cupboard or draw and maybe used once. We really don’t need them all when a good sharp knife will do.


Yes I know you have heard it before. Challenge yourself for a month. Leave that credit card in the bottom of your drawer. Do not be tempted to use it and see how much better you feel at the end of the month when your credit card payment falls due. If that was not too hard, do it again.


This is my pet peeve for the want of a better word. Try this: If you are having chips, sausages, or any meat that you would normally put Ketchup on, try eating it without it. My argument is that if you eat a sausage without ketchup you would probably eat one or maybe two, with ketchup on the sausage you will eat that one or two MORE! I believe the ingredients in the ketchup stimulates your taste bud and thus you go back for that extra piece of meat or eat more chips than without it.

Just my opinion but you try it. You may end up losing quite a bit of weight.


I believe we are encouraged to wash our hair too much. The media hype of the shampoo companies that we are brainwashed with every day would have us believe that it is as necessary as a shower everyday. More and more women are suffering from thinning hair and I personally believe that hormones are not the only reason,the shampooing that we are encouraged to do every day could be a cause also.
Unless you are working in dusty and dirty conditions I believe your hair should only be washed once or twice a week. Condition it if you must, but I think the shampooing every day we could do without.


I am not a believer in the supposed nutritional health of most cereals. In fact the only cereal I buy is porridge and not the instant kind. It is an easy way to feed the family, quickly in the morning but most of them contain too much sugar and very little vitamin value.


I had to put this one in because they drive my crazy. When you think about it we put our lives in their hands, we acquiesce to their demands, we pay them taxes so they can run the country into the ground. I don’t even know who they are. Do You? Do you really? Most of them have never had their own business, they have always been employed by the Government and had a safe job yet they seem to think they can run our lives and our countries. I dont know what the alternative is (well I do but that is for another day) but there has to be a better one than what is running the world now. We have no freedoms left, except to breath I guess.

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Did You Know « 8/23/2010

1. According to “Womans Health Magazine“, they say that researchers found that people who routinely endure sound levels higher than 55 decibels (snoring is typically 60 – 80 decibels) were twice as likely to be treated for high blood pressure.
They suggest plugging your ears when you go to bed to help lower blood pressure.

2. J. Paul Getty (1892-1976) one of the richest men in the world put dial locks on his telephones and installed a pay phone in his Manhattan home so visitors and house guests would not run up his phone bill.( I guess that is one of the reasons why he remained rich )

3. Multimillionaire investor Hetty Green (1834-1916) reportedly never used hot water, never heated her home, wore the same black dress every day. She carried oatmeal to her bank job, then added water and cooked it on the radiator. (Often rich people get great pleasure out of being frugal, no pleasure from waste)

4. The amount Americans spend on pet food in 2009 was $17.6 billion according to AARP

5. The average credit card debt among households with balances on their cards in America is $15,788 (AARP)

6. “Americans drink 13.15 billion gallons of carbonated drinks every year.” (Public Health Reports 2000. Vol. 115. Oxford University Press, 2000: 308-319.)

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