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Wow – One word – Control

This is amazing. Got to be the best tummy control.

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Your Brain When Packing

I think most of us can identify with this info-graph.
I believe I am getting better at packing when I travel. It has taken me a long time and I think I have it under control, well sort of.
If I have used everything that I have packed I feel it has been a successful packing.

Your brain when packing

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Good Reasons To Have Infused Water

infused waters

Why drink infused waters?

1. Green tea, mint, and lime–For fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breath freshener.

2. Strawberry and kiwi–For cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.

3. Cucumber, lime, and lemon–For water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, digestion.

4. Lemon, lime, and orange–For digestion vitamin C, immune defense, heartburn, (Drink this one at room temperature)
Infused waters are good for detoxification energy and hydration. Put as much fruit in water as you like and let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

I love these drinks in the heat of summer, they are very refreshing

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The Forbidden History Of Terrible Taxes

I know I go off on a lot of different tangents, mostly on about the things I am passionate about. Food, being healthy, being rich and independent and having fun and riding motorbikes of course. When I heard this video, I had that need to share as I do. 

This 13 min video is certainly worth the watch. I for one hate the Tax system. I personally believe it is hard-earned money stolen by a group of people who have never done an honest days work in their life. We complain but do nothing I know, but I think the day will come when we will rebel against the amount of tax we pay and how it is wasted.

Where does our tax go and how much do we really pay is all explained in this video.  Topher’s explanation is in-depth and very informative.

Topher is talking about the Australian tax system but it is  the same for many welfare countries and is a direction that America is heading. Look out America like the Aussies you will be taxed out of existence and under the control of a non productive Government because you will get used to Government hand outs and wont know how to live any other way. 

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Futuristic Faucets

Here are taps of the future. They all, are futurist looking and have a practical purpose. I am not sure if I would have them if I was building a new house  I think some of them would be worth looking at.

The “Flow” by Nadeem Haidary is a faucet concept that encourages an exceptional interaction on part of the user. Developed for an Asian restaurant, the new faucet drawing inspiration from the control of energy in Zen gardens places a stone on a section of fabric that triggers a switch to activate the flow of water like a natural spring.

Hailed as “+Shifter,” the new faucet by designer Shen Di is an innovative bathroom accessory that allows the users to control the flow of water by shifting the lever of its gearbox design. The distinctive faucet is not just glossy and minimal in design but it also helps in conserving energy.

Inspired by the beauty of ripples created in still waters, the Ripple Faucet created by Smith Newnam and Touch 360 Studio makes your daily interaction with water fun by establishing a visual relationship between the two.

Get the glamor to your kitchen with this Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet. Swap your lacklustered and outdated faucet with this artistic one and swing back to work in style. Giving you ultimate power to direct it wherever you want literally, the faucet is designed to hold any pose for you.

From Jordan Tomnuk comes a really cool fluid faucet series that includes bathroom/kitchen fixtures and shower heads for modern homes

Combining sophisticated design with high-end technology, the SmartFaucet by iHouse brings the utmost convenience. Using a facial screening application, the iHouse Smart Faucet recognizes the user and automatically turns on the water to the preferred temperature and flow. The touchscreen on the top of the faucet can be used to access email, check your calendar, check the outside temperature, among other things.

Coming from the house of Köhler Design (a German group of designers), Fluid is a flexible faucet that doubles as a drinking fountain and lets you drink water without the need of wetting your hands with a simple flip. The Fluid not just boasts a sleek design, but the faucet brags highly functional usage as well

The Twist Faucet makes you work for your water by cranking the knob in and out; reminding you that water is a precious resource. It also has a digital readout that shows your consumption, along with the water temperature.



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