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Snowden – Hero or Traitor


Just thought I would mention this movie on Edward Snowden (who was an employee of the NSA) that I went and saw on the weekend. Hero or Traitor? In my opinion he was a Hero. I want my Grandchildren to know who they are up against in their future. 

I remember years ago when I was about 25 yrs old I used to get these conspiracy letters from some fellow (can’t remember his name now) that lived in Western Australia.
Most of it I found disturbing, only to find as the years went by, all that he predicted came to fruition.
Example was smart cards, credit cards and ID cards that let big brother know your every move every day. Machines would photograph you evey-time you made a withdrawal or deposit. What you buy, where you buy, when you buy, what time you buy where you buy fuel what fuel station where you are traveling. That eventually your computers will be spying on you. You will have a number attached to your body and soul.
I ended up cancelling my subscription to this news letter as I found it far too depressing.
I personally had no idea that all that he wrote was either happening or eventually did happen.

You could say, “well I have nothing to hide it does not bother me” but after you see this movie I think that you may consider covering up the camera lens on your computer especially if you have it in the bedroom or hotel room.
Also know that your mobile phone is a tracking device for everyone in your family.

Oliver Stone directed this movie.Oliver Stone has also made many great movies like ‘Platoon’, ‘Born on the Fourth of July’,’Wall Street’ and many others.
The surveillance by the NSA that Snowden uncovered, was and is illegal. I believe him to be a very gutsy millennial who in my opinion was brilliant and thrust into a world that was bewildering, stressful and fearful for him to comprehend and not expose.

Look I believe everyone should go see this movie. It is compelling and parts of it will shock you into taking better care of your privacy.

If you can’t get to the movies then as soon as it comes out on video you need to get it.

Lesley Voth

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Poem Friday – Who or if?

I went to see as I do, the other week
‘The Ides of March’, I am such a movie geek

I know a movie is supposed to entertain
But It made you think, its voting time soon. again

Such conspiracy and abuse of powers
The ambitions and the need to work long hours

We all basically know what goes on behind the closed-door
Most of us turn our heads and choose to ignore

This movie made me pause and think
Politicians, they’re not meant to save us from the brink

They are just show ponies, not a genuine streak
They can be manipulated, so to speak.

They try to embarrass, humiliate their competition
Not explain in real terms, how they will bring their ideas to, fruition

We listen to it, and you know, the game we despise
After all these years would you not think, we would be more wise

Do you think this group of people will make life easy, protect us?
I think not, they take away our freedoms, without a fuss.

Don’t condemn the rich; most have worked long hours and hard
Lets improve our own life, be entrepreneurial, and look in our own back yard

But when and if you vote again, be so sure about what you are doing
It’s not just your life, its your kids or grandkids that you could be screwing.

It’s not a case of ‘better the devil you know than the one you don’t know’
We should not vote for any of them, find another way to have our country healthy and grow

Good movie George Clooney, it was like being on the edge of a cliff
Made me think, when its voting time, will it be who or if.

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