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Small Savings – Big Fortune


Buy Gas on Monday. – Its the cheapest gas day in 23 states. According to GasBuddy . Thursday is the most expensive day. If you stick to Mondays you could save at least $325 a year.


Pick your flights carefully – The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Farecompare.com revealed that a Boston to Las Vegas round trip cost $500 from Friday to Sunday but $228 from Saturday to Wednesday – Saving $272


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Saving Tip For Today – 09/25/2013


Shop For Savings RatesCompare savings accounts before making a deposit. Some sites such as NextAdvisor.com, Bankrate.com and GoBankingRates.com offer online calculators and reviews of accounts with the best interest rates.

Talking about saving, another good tip is convert the cash you have into big bills, like $50 notes. You will think twice before spending them.

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Saving Tip For Today – 08/13/2013

Special Promotions They are magic words when ordering catalog items over the phone. Be sure to ask many times if there are special offers such as discounts, free shipping (I hate paying for shipping). At times the operator has been instructed not to mention these specials unless the customer asks. So Be sure to ask, ‘Nothing ventured Nothing gained’.

Free AppsRedlaser and shop savvy let you scan the car code of an item and compare in-store and online prices at other retailers

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