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Promoting National Breast Cancer Day On The Road

Had to laugh when I saw this on the road at the Sunshine Coast Australia  the other day. 




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Whale Of A Time!

On Sunshine Coast of Australia

Yesterday at 3am we all got up and went out in the boat for a day of fishing. It was very dark but we managed to weave our way through the channels and eventually got out to sea. The Ocean was gorgeous and after about 30 minutes out to sea we were greeted by a whale that swam around us and then breached. What a great experience. Although the whale was young it was a spectacular sight as you can see. As always I was already taking pictures and was lucky enough to have the camera ready to fire when this happened.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 12.20.48 PM

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Bacon Pancakes With A Difference

Sunday mornings in Australia are kinda special for me. When I am on the Sunshine Coast my Grandson makes the pancake mixture and we go to the beach and have a Sunday Morning breakfast cook up of pancakes and bacon. With this recipe we can incorporate both. Smothered in Canadian Maple syrup on a beautiful sunny day is a ‘Simple Pleasure’

Three words- Bacon. Pancake. Dippers.

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