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Is Sparkling Water Good For you?


The sale of Sparking water in the USA has risen 42% since 2011 according to statistics done in 2016. Sparkling water can be natural or man-made. Of course Natural is the better alternative, like sparkling mineral water which is naturally carbonated and contains minerals and straight from the source. Not all Sparkling mineral water is naturally sparkling so some companies add Carbon dioxide to give it bubbles.

Seltzer Water vs. Club Soda – Choose neither – sparkling water you absolutely want to stay away from is one that contains artificial flavors, colors and/or additives. That is those healthy looking mineral drinks like Orange, lime, grapefruit etc.
Club soda contains sodium, but seltzer is typically sodium-free. If you have a health problem with salt the Club Soda is not the one for you.

Natural Sparkling Water Benefits


Doctors recommend  non-sparkling (Kangen of course in my opinion ) water over sparkling, but sparkling water definitely wins over high-sugar soda and juices. Sparkling water  lowers the pH of water, making it more acidic, and one of the things that causes dental erosion.

pH of flavored sparkling waters is concerning.  Carbonating of water lowers its pH to around a 5.

This I find rather interesting. Researchers have found that the sensation we experience when we drink a carbonated beverage like sparkling water is due to a reaction that occurs inside our mouths that changes carbon dioxide bubbles into irritating carbonic acid. So that exhilarating “bite” of carbonation is actually chemical rather than physical.

Basically the end the recommendation is opting for regular water with ph of 8 – 9.5 the vast majority of the time or using natural flavors like lemon, cucumber or waterelon. Those natural infusions also helps to create a higher pH level.



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Saving Tip For Today


For Men

Save on Shaving – Join a shave club at sites such as Dollarshaveclub.com or Harrys.com and have quality blades and shave supplies delivered to your doorstep for less than you now spend

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Stand Up For Your Rights Or Give Them Away!

In Australia at the moment, especially Queensland there is a vindictive ‘Legal’?? assault against any biker who wears colors or has any association with any club members. These laws are being inforced by the state Governments and Police.
They are not allowed to ride together as a group. The bikers can only ride in groups of three. They are not allowed to congregate in a larger group than 3. There are many other stupid and ridiculous new laws.
Australians should start worrying about what these so called power hungry employees of the Government are going to do with the average ‘Joe Blows’ rights in the future.
We all know that some bikers are not squeaky clean and if a crime is committed then the punishment should be fit the crime. Not make up a whole lot of new laws so it makes the police job so easy that they can arrest these people for just being who they are. A citizen of this country.
In the weekend a group of bikers met in a coastal town. They all arrived in separate flights, no bikes, stayed in separate accommodation, wearing shorts t/shirts and thongs. All mates. They were arrested and jailed for being known associates of a club and congregating. Come on, that is not right.
A father and son drinking at a local pub and another biker arrested and jailed over Xmas. I know of the pub and those guys have been drinking there for years.
A young man was fined in the weekend. While riding his motor bike on the highway he stretch out his leg as he had been riding a while. He was pulled over and fined $146. The reason was he did not have both feet on the foot peg. Don’t believe me? Read this.
They are looking at closing any Tattoo parlors that may have any association with Motor cycle clubs.

Now you maybe able to see where this video is going. People are getting fed up with this tyranny and so they should in my opinion.

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Lunch?? – California Club Sandwich

It is my fasting day today so this sandwich is making my mouth water



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Warehouse Shopping Clubs – Shop Smart!

Warehouse shopping can offer you great bargains but if you are not careful they can also drain your wallet.

I love going to Sam’s or Costco’s but I have learnt some hard lessons. One of them is buying bulk chopped Romaine lettuce, thinking to myself that this is good value, it will last me all week. Not so. If you are not going to use it the next day, don’t do it. I find that the lettuce after a day or so, starts to go brown and tastes sour. I end up throwing the rest away because it is not really a vegetable that adds flavor to a stew or soup. That of course is just one example.

Here are some tips from Caroline Mayer and Jeff Yeager to save you money and come out ahead of the game.

1. Buy only what you can use
Don’t buy anything that will deteriorate before you can use it all. A good example is those large boxes of cereal that eventually gets thrown out because it has gone stale. My lettuce experience is an example. Those large boxes of strawberries. You have to eat them within two to three days. Olive oil another example, don’t get those big tins or bottles of olive oil, if you are not going to use it up before the ‘use by date’  it will go rancid and not be very pleasant for cooking or on your salad.

2. Take a friend or family
Split the large packages and share. It will be more cost-effective. Boxes of tin tomatoes or tomato paste would take a small family some months to use. Share shopping is a good thing.

3. Buy before it flies
If you really need a certain product that you like and use frequently, Stock up. A lot of product lines change and you may not be able to get it again for sometime, if at all

4. Check out your local supermarket.
Your local supermarket and traditional grocers can offer bargains on things such as cereal, detergents etc that can rival those of the wholesale clubs. Check their prices first before heading to the club.

5. Check out the checkout policies
Costco accepts only American Express credit cards. If you don’t have one, bring a debit card, a checkbook or cash. Sam’s Club and Costco do not accept manufacturers’ coupons. BJ’s does.
Return policies are usually generous but they vary: BJ’s requires most items to be returned within 30 days. Sam’s Club and Costco have a 90 day return policy for most electronics

6. Calculate your yearly expenditure at the Warehouse Club
If you spend more than $2,500 a year, consider a more expensive membership level. You will get the money back in perks, such as the 2 percent rewards program offer at Costco and BJ’s

If you don’t do different nothing will change

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