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Wishing You A Merry Christmas


Well what happened to this year
Went so fast, another year older I fear

2013 has seen so many countries at War, deaths and not much peace
We can pray for the young ones but history shows they never cease

But on a happier note Britain has a new prince
We saw a country and many people joyous like we have not seen since

2014 we should all make it a year where we consider getting fit
At least begin, start out slow, start out doing just a little bit

Make it a year where we become more aware
All the things that surround us, stop, look around, with a concentrated stare

Listen to those who have something important for them, to say
Because your consideration and care could save a life that day

Observe that they maybe suffering some sort of disturbed sadness
They may be different and considered by some suffering from madness

This is a wonderful time to celebrate and be with friends and relations
To enjoy each other, Bring in the New Year together with all nations

For me I wish you all plenty of cheer and goodwill
Enjoy each moment because you and I know time will not stand still

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

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Happens But Once A Year

Happens But Once a Year
Author Lesley Voth

Thanks giving day is over
Great food, feel like a cow in clover

A few more pounds added on
The result from my gym work – gone

I so enjoyed tucking in and pigging out
Turkey, potatoes, desert, stuck to the thighs no doubt

It happens just but once a year
Feels good to be grateful, and to drink a little cheer

Yes back to the gym this morning I went
Bit sluggish, Not much effort, pretty much a non event

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