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Another Best Buy For Wednesday – How to find cheaper Meds


Are you paying too much for your medications?  My bet is you are. If that is the case check this site Goodrx out, to find out where you can get  the cheapest price for the medications you need,  in your area.

Drug prices vary wildly between pharmacies.

GOODRX finds the lowest prices and discounts. How?

  1. Collect and compare prices for every FDA-approved prescription drug at more than 70,000 US pharmacies
  2. Find free coupons to use at the pharmacy
  3. Show the lowest price at each pharmacy near you

Check this out for more information



There is also and APP  you can get for your iPhone called ONERX

This APP is free so well worth getting to find out where the cheapest meds are and also if you are covered or not.

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15-Year-Old Invents Cancer Test 100 Times More Sensitive & 28 Times Cheaper than Current Tests


An article was sent to me, I found it rather exciting. Here we have a young fellow, 15 years old, that basically put 2 and 2 together, had the strength of his conviction to persevere and eventually come up with a solution for early detection for various cancers, Pancreatic being one of them.
It was exciting to me as I have a close friend who is battling Ovarian Cancer, although a little late for her as she has already been diagnosed but I might add is having great success with a new vaccine called VacC which has been discovered by an Australian Company (Still in trial phase but was lucky enough to get the vaccine made up for her). It is certainly advantageous I would say for those closely related to anyone who has had a disease like lung cancer, ovarian cancer and breast or pancreatic cancer. The early detection would save their lives, and I believe the success rate of this discovery unimaginable.
Here ia a video of this young man, explaining how he came up with this discovery. Enjoy

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Saving Tip For Today – 09/06/2012

Compact Cars as a rental are a better deal.

Unless you are traveling with a large number of people or have lots of luggage, reserve a cheaper compact car.
The compact car is also fuel-efficient and easier to park.

According to AARP Bulletin Compacts are not popular and rental companies fill their lots with bigger cars: If they run out of compacts you may get a free upgrade.
Fuel consumption will me more expensive but you will have the luxury of more space for less.

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The Cost To Be Beautiful!

Scary! It is obviously cheaper if you are Ugly and just stay Ugly. certainly a lot cheaper to be beautiful inside!

To Get a good clear readable graph just click twice on the picture.

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Black Friday » Hold Spending! Cheaper In Weeks To Come


According to HLN money and Fox Business News Black Friday may not be the cheapest price for your Christmas goodies.

Toys: These will be cheaper in a two of weeks. The retailers will be unloading what they could not sell on Black Friday. Be aware though just before Christmas those prices will increase to catch the last minute shoppers.

Electronics: These also will be cheaper in two weeks. It has been suggested that they will be at least 5% cheaper than the Black Friday prices.

So in my opinion take it easy on the spending today. Don’t get carried away with all the Christmas, cheap cheap, hoo haa. Just Sayin

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How To Find the Best Wine

Wine Tasting Picture

How to Taste Wine
Whether professional or recreational, wine tasting is a multi-sensory experience. Although not formally considered part of wine tasting, even hearing is involved in the process, beginning with the distinctive sounds of the bottle being open and the wine being poured into its glass. The other senses are involved in a more direct way. Here are some tips for involving your senses to the fullest when tasting wine:

Sight: Using a clear glass, and holding it up to a white background will help you to enjoy a wine’s true color. Tilt the wine in the glass slightly and take a good look. Depending on the type of wine in your glass, you may see deep reddish brown, bright ruby red or warm gold. Color can give you a clue about a wine’s age. White wines usually gain color as they age while older red wines lose color.
Smell: If you use a glass with a rim that bends inwards, it will help you to enjoy the complex scent of a wine. Swirling the wine around in the glass coats its sides and allows you to experience the full fragrance. Scents actually vary from the top to the bottom of the glass. Lighter floral and fruity scents rise to the top while deeper, richer aromas can be found toward the bottom.

Taste: To fully experience the taste of a wine, swirl a little bit of it in your mouth to cover all your taste buds. Take a moment to enjoy the flavor before either swallowing or spitting out the wine. In addition to the initial taste, you will find there is also an aftertaste to the wine, usually referred to as the finish.

Touch: When the wine is in your mouth, it provides a tactile experience, often referred to as “mouthfeel,” in addition to the taste. Some wines feel refreshing on the tongue while others might feel velvety, flat or even prickly. The prickliness comes from tannins which are used in red wine to keep it fresh. The younger the red wine, the higher the tannin content and more prickly the feel.


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