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Bastard Spiders Chart For Australia


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January 23, 2017 · 6:13 PM

A Chart of Meat Cuts


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October 25, 2016 · 10:16 AM

Grill Time for Fish Fillets

This is a handy chart as sometimes its hit and miss when cooking fish fillets. Salmon fillet is a fish you do not want to spoil. Too long – Too dry.

I was asked after I posted this was this time too long? 

Well no. This is what I do. Cook it for 5min at reasonably hot temp, then turn it over and turn element off and let it cook in that heat for another 5 min. If its thicker then longer. The salmon then stays moist and cooked to perfection. I actually put the skin down first as I like to eat the skin nice and crispy.

Grill guide to get fish fillets grilled to perfection- http-::bit.ly:2bcHlQj

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Getting a Tattoo – Expect These Pain Levels

Off to get a tattoo? Are you are wondering is it going to hurt? –  This chart will tell you what to expect.



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vintage + Free shipping


I have just bought this. This dress cost $18.90 and free shipping

I have just come across this website which has some fantastic clothing. Well I think it has.
If you notice I have two adverts on the side of my main page. I thought I would share these sites as I believe it has some thing for everyone and good value.

The sites  are ‘Zaful and ‘Rose Gal’

I notice the company will send to anywhere in the world in any currency which is brilliant. How many times do we see something we like and we are unable to get it as it does not deal in your currency.

My suggestion is though check out the size chart as they are a small fit. It is at the bottom of the page of  each  outfit so be sure to measure yourself.

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Only One Serving A Day

I thought this chart was great. You probably would never have all these things in one day but it does give you an idea of what to snack on that will be of health benefit.
Had to share.

2013-05-13 (1)-311b5e1

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