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Poem Friday on Saturday – Love at First Sight



 Love at First Sight


We actually went looking for a cat

Came home with this ball of fluff, how about that


My Mum was in need of a furry mate

Cat or dog that was the debate


Off to the pet shop we all went

Next to the cat cage was this puppy so heaven-sent


The decision was then made

Home she came with us once we paid


Charlie was the name we decided

Probably not the best name provided


As Mum always called her a he

Even though Charlie was a she


Anyway Charlie gave my Mum so much pleasure

So smart, so lovable, a heart stealing treasure


There was not a soul who did not fall in love with that dog I believe

So special to my Mum, a lot of love Charlie did receive 


But Alas Charlie is not with us any more

An accident ended Charlies life, Charlie who we love and adore


These things happen and  it causes great pain

But time they say does heal and the hurt does wane


We will miss her that is for sure

A love of a pet is so unconditional, so pure


That ball of fluff so beautiful, was so bright

Loved her to bits, for me,  It was Love at First Sight










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Soul Mate In A Puppy

I just love this video. Reminds me when Moms dog Charlie when he first came home. Life changed a bunch.
This is so heart warming and delightful. I want one.

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Poem Friday – 01/23/2015 – Start 2015 Just Right

I love the mornings, best time of the day
With a view like this it starts in a good way


At this time I was in NZ to see my Mum
And of course ‘Charlie’ her dog love her she is such fun

Her face is so cute, of course communicates in dog talk
Especially when you are about to take her for a walk



Christmas day is a great family tradition
Mutton on spit, motor broke down, turning by hand was the decision

Many a beer had to be drunk while it cooked away
Probably what gave it that great flavor I would say



Went to Mt Ruapahu a four hour trip to see friends
Snow on the mountain, a view from my bed, the beauty never ends


And no that is not cloud coming from Tongariro Mountain
Its volcanic activity, spewing smoke and at times a hot lava fountain


About to leave NZ and go to Australia I call home
Take charlie for his last walk with me, no lead I just let him roam



Now back in Australia where the morning is a beach
I know, a long way from Houston that I miss, I wish my arms could reach



It is such a great pleasure to watch my grandson and son
At the beach together surfing the waves while I go for a run.


Just to end I was lying on the beach sunbaking looking up at the sky
With my new camera I took this picture of the moon, It just looked beautiful that is why


Ate too much at xmas so need to exercise to get fit
Boxing this morning tomorrow these steps, no time to sit


But at the top is a beautiful sight
Makes you feel good and start 2015 just right


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Back in Aussie

Back online again. I am in Australia at the moment visiting my Grandkids and doing a bit of business.
I looked after my 95 year old Mother in NZ for two months while my brother was in Europe.
I had a good time with my Mother but I especially have a good time with her dog ‘Charlie’.
Every morning I would take Charlie round the township of Omokoroa (NZ). It was quite some walk and I was surprised how those little legs kept up. Some days she was up to it, some not so energetic but always with the rattle of the dog lead she would come running.
Here are some pictures of one of the walks we did. As you will see it is a spectacular walk with lots of greenery and lovely flowers, beach, and bush.
I miss her.

Start of our walk



coming out of bush after chasing rabbits

coming out of bush after chasing rabbits

Chasing rabbits

Chasing rabbits




Are we done yet?







Charlie meeting a friend on the beach

Charlie meeting a friend on the beach

Just had to stand in the Mud

Just had to stand in the Mud
back home more flowers in Mums garden

back home more flowers in Mums garden

back home, Lavender in Mums garden

back home, Lavender in Mums garden

DSC_0226 (2)

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I am In Aotearoa

I Am In Aotearoa – The Land Of The Long White Cloud

Yes, here I am again in New Zealand and yes it is living up to its name, for the first two days it was covered in cloud and raining big time. Fortunately for the last two days we have had some beautiful sunny but cool weather. When the weather is like this here is feels very clean and crisp, the hills have that blue green look, very pleasant indeed but unfortunately there is rain on the way again.

I am here to see my Mum here in Omokoroa as I do every year. She is now 93 so I treasure what time we have together.
I love the fact she still has her sense of humor even though the memory is not the best. In fact she forgot I was coming and was not home when I arrived, she was up at the boy friends, well I guess it is more like Man friend, as she does not like staying at home on her own at night, so was pleasantly surprised when she got home the next morning. One thing about Mum it is always so nice to see her face light up and say “Oh Luvy it is so good to see you, they didn’t tell me you were coming they must have wanted to surprise me” (They, being my brother had told her many times during the week). Charlie the Maltese Tibetan cross dog that we got her last time I was home is beautiful but very spoilt. Mum has great neighbors which is probably one of the reasons that she can still live in her own home as they look out for her and the dog. Charlie does the escape thing at times and the neighbors have to holt all the traffic in the street till they catch her because she has the bad habit of playing “Catch me if you can” so has everyone in the neighborhood chasing her till she tires of the game. Mum often loses the dog only to find that she forgets and leaves Charlie it at her friends place. So her life is never dull.

Mum is not the only reason I come here to NZ. I do quite a bit of research on lifestyle, money saving ideas, and generally culture differences of interest.
I find New Zealand is probably one of the more environmentally aware countries in the world.
Generally and I don’t mean everyone, New Zealanders are basically frugal, in my opinion.
If there is a hole in it they will mend it, if it breaks down they will fix it as long as the parts are still available, they tend to have their own ‘Vege’ garden, they tend to walk rather than drive if they can, fast food meals are not as common as in most countries although it is creeping into to society these days. As a whole I believe it is one of the cleaner more beautiful countries in the world.
So when I come here I love to look through their health, nature, cooking, lifestyle magazines and often I will find some really helpful and interesting subjects which I then pass on to you.

Well I have been on my 5k run, walked the dog, stopped for a cappuccino, had breakfast, written this blog and about to find an internet cafe so that I can post it on my website.

Haere Ra (farewell)
Ka Kite Ano (Until I see You again)

Omokoroa Beach

NZ Flag

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Poem Friday 07/22/2011 – She Is So Cute She Can Have My Jessica Simpson Shoe

You can Have My Jessica Simpson Shoe
Author – Lesley Voth

I should know better, never to say never
Never a small dog for me, that is for sure, Ever!

Only a Border collie or Irish setter
A big dog for me, oh yes, so much better

Well guess what, I have had to eat my words, and change my mind
This new puppy called Charlie has stolen my heart, I find

Just look how sweet she is with my Jessica Simpson shoe
I have a tolerance I have never experienced, or even knew

She is very smart and She is sharp as a tack
The time spent with her she gives a lot back

With the knowing of a reward, she has learnt to sit already
Only three months old her learning is quick and steady

My Brother and I bought this puppy for my Mum
She is 93, lives on her own and a little lonesome

We are both sure we have done the right thing
Because so far great pleasure she, Charlie does bring

My Mums face and demeanor lights up
At the sight and the play of this little pup

Charlie, she will spoil you rotten
All that loneliness hopefully forgotten

On Mums lap she is comfortable and snug
In the evenings she sleeps in her den on a sheepskin rug

Oh yes it is a beautiful and loving sight
To see that contentment, both of them, it looks so right

She has a great nature and very aware
Beautiful big eyes and a ‘I love you’ stare

Well Charlie you have a good home
No need for you to go stray or roam.

You are beautiful and I love you to bits
And that Jessica Simpson shoe, you can have it, if it fits.

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