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Did You Know? – 04/23/2018

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Interesting stuff… makes it unique

The Masters

In 1934 Bobby Jones requested the USGA to host the US Open at Augusta. USGA said no.

Angry at the rebuff. Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts decided to have there own event, which

became the Masters. The Masters is not a Championship of anything.

“You are the winner of the Masters”.


The Masters is one of the most unusual events in sports.

It’s all about tradition, and it’s defined by a set of odd rules and customs that just don’t exist outside of Augusta National. It’s great.

We compiled the oddest traditions that make the Masters and Augusta one of a kind.

Food prices are ridiculously low.


Tipping is banned.


Cell phones are prohibited at all times and cameras are not permitted during the tournament.

It’s one of the only places in the U.S. where there are long lines for pay phones.


There’s a huge fence around the course to keep out animals. There has been one deer sighting in the last 65 years.


Only four minutes of commercials per hour are allowed during the broadcast and no blimps are allowed.


TV commentators are not allowed to refer to fans as “fans” or “spectators” They are to be called “patrons,” and the rough is to be referred to as the “second cut.”


The Masters banned CBS broadcaster Gary McCord in 1995 for saying, “They don’t cut the greens here at Augusta, they use bikini wax.”



Players had to use local caddies provided by Augusta until 1983.


Players are allowed to use their own caddies now, but they have to wear the Augusta uniform — green hat, white jumpsuit.

Like many golf courses, there is good fishing at Augusta National, but the players don’t like to talk about it because it is forbidden.

In 2011, Monte Burke of Forbes interviewed golfers about the best 
fishing spots on the PGA Tour

When Augusta was brought up, he described their responses as “squeamish” and they only admitted to hearing there were some good spots.

A former caddie was willing to tell Burke that the best spots are the creek in front of the 12th hole (“full of bream”; seen above)and the pond at the 16th hole (“brimming with bass”).

Fans, oops, we mean patrons,  aren’t allowed to wear their hats backwards.


Patrons can bring collapsible chairs to sit on, but those chairs are not allowed to have armrests.


Running is not allowed, unless you are a player.


There is a house located in the middle of the Augusta National parking lot because the owners refuse to sell it. The family has reportedly turned down “millions.”



You can’t apply to become a member at Augusta.


It’s nearly impossible to become a member at Augusta. You have to be nominated  by a current Augusta member, and new  initiations generally aren’t accepted unless  someone quits or dies. The total membership hovers around 300.


Augusta is closed in the summer to keep the course in pristine shape.


Players are given a brand new Mercedes for use during the week.


Golf cart drivers who are hired to drive the players around Augusta National also pick up the golfers at the airport in the Mercedes they will be using. The cars also have a number in the back window so that employees can always identify the players by which car they are in.


You can go to jail for selling tickets.


Twenty-four people were arrested outside Augusta in 2012 for trying to scalp tickets.

The course is insane about who it lets into the tournament and it’s illegal to sell tickets within 2,700 feet of the gates.


You can only ask for autographs in one part of the course.


Fans always line the ropes at big tournaments in hopes of getting a signature. But this is tougher to do at Augusta.

You can only try and solicit an autograph on the Washington Road side of the clubhouse, near the practice facilities.

The bunkers at Augusta are filled with mining waste.




You know those pristine white bunkers?

They’re actually  composed of waste product from the mining of aluminum, according to Golf.com

Basically, there’s this company that mines feldspar (rocks) for aluminum.

This process produces waste in the form of really bright, pure quartz —

that’s what Augusta uses..

The course used cows as lawnmowers in the 1940s.

A close-up picture of the fairways at Augusta .


Augusta is its own universe with a tenuous connection to the outside world

But WWII affected Augusta just like it did the rest of the country.

During  the war, Augusta didn’t have the manpower to maintain the

course, so they set 200 cattle loose on the grounds in hopes that they would “trim”  the grass by eating it.

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Consumer Report: Get More For Your Money

I received a consumer report promotional magazine which gave 23 reports of various shopping advise. I tend to put value on their reports as they appear to do extensive research on what ever it is that they are investigating.
Here are some of the reports.

Sheets: Tested Martha Stewart, Lands End and Pottery Barn sheets: Results:- They are excellent fit BUT they had less fabric and seam strength than other brands.
Top Rated Sheets were L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale. They had the highest score for fit, strength and shrinkage resistance.

Cellphone bills: To find the cheapest rates they crunched the numbers on more than a hundred contract and prepaid sell-service plans.
Result:– If you are a big cellular talker and want to cut costs, switch to straight talk. This company’s unlimited plan can save a two-line couple up to $1500 a year.

Top-Rated cell phone and top-rated cell phone service: The LG Octane cell phone was one of our top-rated cell phones. It works with Verizon, which was a top-rated cell-phone service in most cities that they surveyed

Wal-Mart v Costco:  Consumer report survey revealed that Walmart do have low prices but are on a par with other major retailers.
The store with top marks for both great products and exceptional prices in their survey was Costco

Batteries:  Their tests of AA batteries energizer advanced were the top-rated lithium batteries versus Energizer Max which were among the lowest rated alkaline batteries. They compare products within the brand not all products or models with one brand perform equally well.

Exterior Paints: If you want a paint that stands up to dirt and cracking consider California Paints Fres-Coat Velvet Flat for approximately $39.

Waterproof Bandages:  In a test of eight waterproof bandages Curad Flexible Athletic Strips scored the lowest.
Buy one of the top-rated brands of water proof bandages either Nexcare clear or Band-Aid clear/transparent water block plus. Which ever brand you choose in wet, potentially dirty conditions these two waterproof bandages might provide a little bit more protection from germs that can lead to infections than a standard bandage.

Glad ForceFelex Trash Bags: Implied they could haul a broken baby grand piano but when they put them to the test we they were left holding a broken bag!
They placed up to 41 pounds of trash into Glad and Hefty bags. The Hefty bags held most of the trash. None of the Glad bags they tested did as well as the Hefty.

Want to drive your vehicle for a long time?: Buy replacement parts with a lifetime warranty. One of  Consumer Reports  readers followed this advice and did not pay for a set of brakes in eight years.

Third row in the SUV:  According to the consumer report this can vary greatly in comfort and roominess. Two of the best vehicles we found for third row seating are Ford Expedition EL and Chevrolet Traverse. The worst is Subaru Tribeca

Honda Insight:  Their report shows an enticingly low price but their survey shows the ride was stiff and choppy and lacked handling agility. The 38 – mpg Insight, costs about $21,000 but it had scores too low to be recommended.
You can get a hybrid with a firm, steady ride and secure handling. At 44 – mpg its the most fuel-efficient car you can buy. Consider the Toyota Prius for about $26,750

Laptops: Toshiba has some of the lighter laptops according to their survey but if you want a light laptop and best tech support available you have to consider an Apple.  Among the Windows based laptops, Leenvovo was among the better providers of tech support by phone

Benefits of Medical Tests: Research shows that patients who have the most tests don’t necessarily have improved health.
If your doctor suggests a test ask “Will this test change the way you treat the disease?” If the answer is “no” then ask what is the benefit of doing it.

Harmful bacteria in Chicken: The consumer report tested 51 brands of chicken for contamination from salmonella and campylobacter bacteria: The major brands – Perdue, Tyson and Foster Farms all had contamination, with Tyson and Foster being the most contaminated and Perdue the cleanest.

Pillows: The $99 Tempur-Pedic pillow and the $27 memory foam pillow from Target was found after the staff sleep test to be pretty much the same in sleep quality.

Windshield Wipers: The top rated wind shield wiper, Valeo 600 series cost $11 for the 18″ model and that is much less than the PIAA Super Silicone and Bosh Icon blades that proved not to be as good in their tests. On saying that though every brand they tested showed streaking, smearing water or missed ares of wiping after six months of use.

Tide Laundry detergent: Their research showed Tide did a good job but proved to be one of the most expensive laundry detergents that they tested at 30 cents per load. Wisk New Stain Spectrum Technology Deep Clean for top loaders out cleaned Tide Totalcare and wisk cost only 17 cents per load.

Wine: According to research ( this one I am sure will be a matter of experience with wine ) that a delicious bottle of Shiraz called Alice White 2009 for just $6 is rated better than a wine that cost $43

Cordless Phone: According to Consumer Report a $35 cordless phone from AT&T performed better than phones that cost twice as much.

Salad Packages: “Prewashed?” Wash it again, research found bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination and in some cases high levels. After that result I think I will be washing mine many times before I eat it.

Nissan Pathfinder:  The doors look great but the high-mounted rear door handle has been hard for smaller children to open. Something to look at if that is an issue.

Toasters: You can spend $100 on the DeLonghi DTT312 and get a good toaster or you could spend $35 on the Hamilton Beach Digital 22502 and get a better toaster

Soup: The Consumer Reports blind taste test the Store Brand Food Lion tasted better than Campbell’s soup.
You may or may not agree with that one.

SOURCE: Consumer Report

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