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Just Feeding The Fish For You!

The duckling wants to be careful by the look of some of those fish that duck could be edible for them!

Just a duck feeding his fish.

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Be Careful What You Wish For!


Early January arrived from the USA
Arrived in Australia to a bright sunny day

Everyone complaining about the heat
No rain for months, the ground like concrete

Yes the grass was brown not a good look
The driest it had been according to the history book

I wish it would rain everything is so dry
I bet its the climate change, that’s the reason why

Well guess what, after a week or two a cyclone came bearing down
Many houses, farms, rivers flooded disaster for many a town

Kangaroos and snakes now where to go
The rivers so high, unable to swim against the flow

Oswald it made itself felt furious and fast
It’s still raining and its at least three weeks past

The grass is green, and all water tanks full to the top
Now they are all saying when is this bloody rain going to stop

Mother nature is in control and sure, more for us in store
She is listening so just ‘Be careful what you wish for’

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