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The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Our friend Larry Machula from Saskatoon in Canada has developed this disease.

Larry was once a vibrant, exciting, entrepreneurial personality. Larger than life, but unfortunately was struck down with this devastating  disease.

Larry took up the challenge and then in turn challenged many celebrities one of which was the Rolling Stones.

Bill Wyman of the rolling stones  accepted.

I then accepted the challenge of my good friend Trish from the UK.

Here are the video’s in sequence.

Bill Wyman accepting the challenge

I was unable to download the video of Trish accepting her challenge for some reason. Anyhow here is my acceptance of the challenged from her.

I will now be sending my donation direct to http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-larry-ride-again/194167. We are trying to raise enough money to purchase a van for Larry so that he is more mobile and of course this van will be passed on to others that are in need of such a vehicle to give them better quality of life.

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Poem Friday – Bucket list.


Bucket List
By Lesley Voth

Mika she is full of fun.
When she walks in the room, she shines like the sun.

In the evening I like a wine and cigar.
I enjoy this hour, I know its Bizzare.

One evening Mika walked in while enjoying my cigar and wine.
To tell me It was time to go and Dine.

Oh! she exclaimed with an accusing look and  stern tongue.
Nana you are going to get a black lung.

Then she looked at me like “Oh well” and she said,
Something so funny and came straight from her head.

Oh it doesn’t matter because you are old.
So certain, so sure, it was ok to be told.

As she walked away
She had a few more words to say.

Nana – have you done your bucket list yet.
I laughed till tears – Your grandchild hasn’t asked you that, I bet.

Mika My Grandaughter

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