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Poem Friday 11/09/2012 – I will Not Be Able To Hold My breath For That Long

The excitement over, the election done
The President of America, Obama won

Disappointed, yes, I thought Romney was ahead
We got another four years of Obama instead

Watch out Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z
I believe your income will be taxed big time, you’ll see

When it does, your lifestyle cut, don’t come moaning, do we care?  not us
Because I think you have helped put America under a bus

Did you not learn when young that nothing is free
Free health care, I know that is never to be

I come from a Country that has that system in place
Who pays for it, You will, because money does not come from outer space

So all you rappers, rockers and film stars and wanna b’s
You have helped persuade others away from the realities

There are no free lunches, you can see that in Greece
The place is rioting a long way from peace

America was a place of invention and free enterprise
Exciting, a land of promise, adventure, risk and no compromise

As you can tell I am disappointed and yes rather sad
Because America’s demise will affect the rest of the world, that is bad

I hope for this great country I am very wrong
That it will become the power it was. Loud and strong
But I will not be able to hold my breath for that long

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Facts About Popular Music!

I thought this was interesting information.  I love facts and figures and thought you may find this pretty amazing.


I am not sure what they mean about Justin, I was not able to delete the comment. Like him or hate him he is a great achiever and talented young man.


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