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Wise Words

If you have read Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” you will understand these words better. Great book. Have give away many of this book. Some have loved it some found it hard to read. Its a book that will gel if the time is right for you
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Craniosacral Therapy for Depression, Neck Pain & Headaches


You can BUY this book at Amazon

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Traveling Alone – Tips for Solo Traveling

  1. Smartraveller website suggests female solo travellers should book and check in using a first initial and surname only with no Miss, Ms or Mrs, and it’s a good idea not to tell anyone where you’re staying if they know you’re by yourself.

2. If anyone else is within earshot when you are asked your room number at breakfast give your name instead, and always listen to your intuition.

3. If your room doesn’t feel safe when you check in, ask to change rooms or move to another hotel.

4. If someone waiting for the same lift makes you feel uneasy, say you’re waiting for a friend and will get the next one. Take note of your gut feeling with this one.

5. Avoid a ground floor room if you can as they are the easiest to break into, and as so many hotel doors don’t have chains on them a simple rubber door wedge can help you sleep better at night.

6. Sit in the back seat behind the driver and either make a call to someone to say you’re on your way or mention to the driver that your partner is waiting for you. If you opt for the train train instead, avoid sitting in an empty carriage.

7. Petty theft can happen regardless of where you travel so it’s best not to carry all of your cash and cards on you when you’re out and about.

8. Keeping a reserve locked away in the hotel means you have a back-up plan should the worst happen.

9. Make scans of important travel documents and email them to yourself, this will save hours of time in paperwork if anything does happen

10. Ask your hotel if there are any areas you should avoid before you go exploring, and if you ever do feel a little lost or uncertain, don’t show it. Walk with calm confidence and retrace your steps until you’re back in your comfort zone.

11. If you start to crave human interaction join a walking tour

12. Want to see a show don’t be put off if you see a Sold Out sign at a show you want to see. Single seats can appear so ask and you may be happily surprised.


Solomangarephobia is a fear of eating alone in public.

Bring along a book or magazine, take the time to write postcards or capture your travels in your journal, edit the photos in your phone or do a little social media update. Make yourself busy.

A counter seat or a seat at the bar can be a good option

No matter where you decide to go, make sure you do your research beforehand.

Remember that careful planning before you leave on your travels  is essential to help you choose a destination where you’ll feel safe and comfortable, and be prepared for any issues you might face.

Register your trip with Smartraveller.gov.au If you are from Australia, download the Smartraveller app and make sure you have the right insurance for all of the activities you plan to do. The US has a Smart Traveler Enrollment program where you can register your trip. Good idea to use this

This is an important oneListen to your intuition, follow your travel dreams and remember a solo trip is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself. And you deserve it.


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Eckhart Tolle and his Wisdom

This one needs a little thought to understand I feel. When you do you realize the wisdom

Eckhart Tolle has a Book called the “New Earth – Awakening to your lifes Purpose”. It is a book everyone should read.

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Tips For Cheaper AirTravel


These tips are fresh off Fox news this morning from an Expedia representative

1. The cheapest Days to Travel


2. The best day to book

It used to be Tuesday now its SUNDAY

You could get up to as much as 11% saving

3. Book 21 days in advance.

It is called advanced purchase ticket pricing. Dont wait till it gets closer to your travel date as the prices will normally increase as it gets closer to your departure date.

4. Leisure Travel
You could get as much as a 50% saving if you include a Saturday night (considered leisure travel). It is common in countries around Europe. Not so much in China.

5. To Avoid Airport congestion

Arrive 2 hours early for domestic flights
Arrive 3 hours early for International flights
Check in with your smart phone 24 hrs before flight and select your seat to secure it.

6. Deals in January – South of the Border. Mexico

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All Water Is Not Equal

I have written on the subject of water and alkalinity for years.

Up until recently I always regarded bottle water as your  best alternative to tap water. What I have read recently tells me different and also is of great concern. The most latest book I have read is called the “Miraculous properties of Ionized Water” by the Author – Bob McCauley.

He was talking about bottled water being very expensive and the 2.7 million tons of plastic used to produce these bottles each year as well as 1.5 million barrels of oil that is used to make the polyethylene terephthalate bottles.

If you buy bottled water make sure its spring or mineral water that has total dissolved solids of at least 100 ppm.  Water below 50 ppm should not be consumed because it will leach vital minerals from the body. Purified water is acidic this is why ionized water is important to your health.

Anyway he goes into great depth on reasons why you should not be drinking bottled water. Purified water is produced by deionization, distillation or reverse osmosis and should not be consumed for three reasons. It acidified the body, leaches minerals from the body and the large size and shape its water molecule clusters do not hydrate the body efficiently.

He goes on to say purified water should be used in humidifier, fountains, autoclave and fish tanks. It should not be consumed.

Very interesting book well worth the read



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Alkaline Health – Part 6

Here is a book I recommend you read if you are concerned with your health, want to loose weight, can’t sleep or generally feeling sluggish.
It is not an expensive book and is really informative and how you can improve the PH of your body.

In this ground breaking book learn:

How rejuvenation enzymes destroy zombie cells.
Why purple food improves your eyesight and your memory.
All about the “cancer switch.”
How cells know what to do.
Also included is a full Rejuvenation Weekend plan for switching on your rejuvenation enzyme and revitalizing your health.


Buy At Amazon




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Best Book Wednesday on Friday – 05/20/2016

This is a can’t put me down book. Story based on the Mormon religion Poligamy and murder.


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Best Buy Wednesday Book -04/13/2016

This book I read on my holiday at Bermagui Beach. Could not put it down. It is written by Rosalie Ham and the story is set in Australia and a compelling read. It is also in Video now which  features Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth and English actor and Kate Winslet.


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Best Buy Wednesday Book – 01/20/2016

The book the Fourth Agreement I have read. This book is a must for every child to read in their Teenage life. It is a good foundation for how to cope with things that they will be confronted with. Now on saying that we as Adults should read this book as well.
In don Miguel Ruiz words lives will “become filled with grace, peace, and unconditional love.”

In this day when we have a bullying mentality at schools where because of ignorance those doing the bullying have no idea or even care what they are doing to another persons life. Maybe if they were sat down and made to read this book lives would change.

There are two other books which I have not read but will do. If you buy the three on Amazon they come in a bundled price which is pretty reasonable I think

Happy Reading as ‘If you Don’t do different nothing will change’

Lesley Voth




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