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That Kid With a Moth on his Nose is Now 18


I remember in 2010 how I wrote a Poem called ‘That smile’
Seems like yesterday but it has been quite a while

It was about my grandson Jayden who is such a pleasure
My pride in him is immense, I could never be able to measure

Today is his birthday, the years have gone too fast
I so wanted his funny young innocent boy time to last

But alas he is now a young man
And of course naturally I am his biggest fan

He is indépendant, honest, respectful and delightful in all ways
I so wish him a great birthday and abundance of wealth health and happiness for the rest of his days

That kid with a moth on his nose is now eighteen
For me, how blessed for 18 years have I been


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Happy Birthday Jono You’re the best


Well another year has gone round
Oh my the Years are going too fast I have found

That baby is now a very tall 42 years old
He has a few stories that I have never been told

2016 Has been a big year for him
Got married and no longer living in sin

She is a good one you better believe
He knows she the best, he ain’t never going to leave

Anyway you will never guess, his luck did grow
He won a raffle and they are off to Canada to Heliski in mountains of snow

Yep it’s been a good year for him
He deserves it, his life is now full to the brim

Your life together with Kerry will be truly blessed
Happy Birthday Jono cause you are the best

Love Mom xxxxx



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Poem Friday – 07/26/2013 – George Alexander Louis – Hello


George Alexander Louis – Hello
Author – Lesley Voth

A beautiful thing happened this week
A baby was born a blue blood so to speak

William and Kate produced an heir to the throne
What a nice change to start the week with news of a pleasant tone

The birth of a baby is always good, exciting news
One gets so sick of listening to such negative views

He looked perfect ready for a wonderful life
William beaming so proud beside Kate his lovely wife

I know I am a an eccentric Royalist, a true blue
But I love the pomp and ceremony, don’t you

Well maybe you don’t, but I really don’t care
You won’t see it in any other country, because such tradition is rare

Anyway back to this bundle of innocence and pure joy
I believe him to be a very blessed and much-loved little boy

Yes he now belongs to a historical family and a life privileged he will grow
But he is special that boy – George Alexander Louis – Hello


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