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Saving Tip For Today


Convert your cash into $50 bills. Believe me you will think twice before spending them

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Saving Tip For Today

Binning Statements Make sure you read all your bills and bank statements so you can pick up and query any errors.


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Five Seconds To Save

Here is an article from the local newspaper “5 seconds to save”. It doesn’t matter what country you live in these rules apply.

Before you put something in your shopping trolley at the store, stop and look away for 5 seconds.

Think about the following:

  • Do I really need it
  • Will my life change for the worse if I don’t buy this item.
  • How many hours work did I do to afford this item
  • Can I wait a few days or weeks before I buy this item.

As you are writing out cheques or clicking the “Pay Now” button on your computer take 5 seconds to think about this bill and this money

  • Can I find a way to reduce my car or mortgage payments
  • Check online for websites that will assist in lowering my debts. Lowermybills.com
  • 5 seconds thought per bill could make you take a long look at what you have spent.

Planning celebrations with friends or family take five seconds to think about alternatives to eating out at restaurants or going to a bar.

  • You could suggest that you get together at your house and do a BYOB night , you could all contribute to the nibbles.
  • Meet on a Saturday morning and go walking, bike riding, kayaking etc. Go for coffee after.
  • Instead of going to the movies. Get a video that you all would like to watch.

When you are about to spend money at ‘Any’ time or place think about an alternative. Do I really, really need it. Can I live without it.

These are two great questions. We don’t  use them enough, including myself. This article is a good reminder for me and I hope for you also.

“If we don’t do different nothing will change”.

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