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Best Buy Wednesday Book -04/13/2016

This book I read on my holiday at Bermagui Beach. Could not put it down. It is written by Rosalie Ham and the story is set in Australia and a compelling read. It is also in Video now which  features Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth and English actor and Kate Winslet.


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Poem Friday – Life Is Good I am Blessed, the Best it Can Be

Life is Good Its the best It can Be
Author: Lesley Voth

I have to say in a grateful way
In the past two weeks or more I have had a wonderful stay


First of all at the beginning of march was my sons wedding
A few days later off to USA, Actually to Houston Texas they were heading

From all accounts they had a great time felt so much at ease
Thank you Dave and my friends for giving them some lifetime memories

For me well I headed off To Queanbeyan, near Canberra on my bike
A good 8 1/2 hours ride so it was quite the hike

Franny’s Birthday I had to be there
To miss that I would not dare


Plenty of Bollinger, yep we drank most of the night
Had to celebrate the girls party with the best right?

After the party a couple of days later
Headed off to Bermagui with the Pugs, what could be greater

Well ‘Sugar’ not into this travel thing as she griped most of the way
The two boys Ziggie and Gus for them asleep in the back, was such a relaxing day


Three lovable pugs so cute they are the best
They ran themselves ragged, once they got home they had to rest

Donna and I we swam each day and to the beach we walked
Great time together also ate, drank, slept and talked

Caught a few fish which we cooked on the BBQ
It was so enjoyable but time flew

Franny arrived a couple of days before the end
We did a few chores around the place, productive time we did spend

Well back to Canberra we all took off Sunday
Monday packed my bike, headed off Tuesday sad but the end of my stay

Another 8 1/2 ride and so really pleasant warm and still
The temperatures fantastic, Had to watch out for Roos and wombats, a lot of road kill

I am so pleased I came back on that day
Cause the temperatures fell like big time would have been uncomfortable in a big way

There is nothing worse like riding in the freezing cold
But riding in warm weather is a feeling to great to behold

Well here I am back in Queenscliffe, what a great place
A little chilly, good coffee and for a couple of weeks this is my base


Yep March was a busy time for me
But I had a great time from the Pictures you see


Life is good I am blessed, the best it can be

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Poem Friday on Monday – Me With No Clothes On At Bermagui

Early last sunday, got up early, I went for a walk
I was at Bermagui, small town NSW, Australia, only noise, the seagulls squawk.


Beautiful and peaceful I have to say
I camped in my nieces beach shack, great place to stay


Bushy lanes, sandy pathways with mountain views
One could only feel happy and at peace, certainly rid that fit of blues


The sun rising bringing the color of day
just love my feet in the sand, it makes you feel good in a special way


With my feet in the sand I am about to swim at last
I was so carried away time went so fast


I need to skinny dip before anyone comes along
The feel of that water cool, clear, the current a little strong


Set the camera up to click in a minute or two
Ran to the water, Like the whole area knew
Down came the locals, more than just a few


So there I am in the water and nothing to see
Had to dive under, cause the water is clear as can be
I was submerged long enough to be shivering and a color bluey
So that was me with no clothes on in a place called Bermagui

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