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Did You Know – 07/13/2015

‘Paris in the Twentieth Century’ was one of the first science-fiction novels written by Jules Verne, but because it was lost in a safe for over 125 years, it was the last to be published.

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3. According to CheapAirfares.com the best time to book a domestic flight is typically 47 days before takeoff. they analyzed 5 million trips involving 1.5 Billion potential fares. The cheapest day is Tuesday (Book about 3pm ET).To Latin America cheapest time is 96 days before takeoff and for Europe it is 276 days . Also to be noted a fare will typically change 70 times before the flight.

4. A brand new study from San Diego State University sheds new light on this amazing process. The secret lies in one of your most underappreciated body fluids: mucus.
This slimy substance coating the inside of your mouth, nose, eyelids, digestive tract, lungs and other organs may turn out to play one of the most important roles in your immune system. You produce about a quart of mucus each day from your nose, throat and sinus, most of which you swallow.
For some time, researchers have known that mucus is loaded with viruses. many of these viruses to actually serve as immune helpers—not enemies—and an important part of your body’s defense system
More info

5.Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.52.47 PM

6. Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.57.57 PM

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Poem Friday – 01/23/2015 – Start 2015 Just Right

I love the mornings, best time of the day
With a view like this it starts in a good way


At this time I was in NZ to see my Mum
And of course ‘Charlie’ her dog love her she is such fun

Her face is so cute, of course communicates in dog talk
Especially when you are about to take her for a walk



Christmas day is a great family tradition
Mutton on spit, motor broke down, turning by hand was the decision

Many a beer had to be drunk while it cooked away
Probably what gave it that great flavor I would say



Went to Mt Ruapahu a four hour trip to see friends
Snow on the mountain, a view from my bed, the beauty never ends


And no that is not cloud coming from Tongariro Mountain
Its volcanic activity, spewing smoke and at times a hot lava fountain


About to leave NZ and go to Australia I call home
Take charlie for his last walk with me, no lead I just let him roam



Now back in Australia where the morning is a beach
I know, a long way from Houston that I miss, I wish my arms could reach



It is such a great pleasure to watch my grandson and son
At the beach together surfing the waves while I go for a run.


Just to end I was lying on the beach sunbaking looking up at the sky
With my new camera I took this picture of the moon, It just looked beautiful that is why


Ate too much at xmas so need to exercise to get fit
Boxing this morning tomorrow these steps, no time to sit


But at the top is a beautiful sight
Makes you feel good and start 2015 just right


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Einstein’s PREDICTION!

Einstein’s spoken word my have come true



Planning their honeymoon
A day at the beach.
Having dinner out with your friends.
Out on an intimate date.
Having a conversation with your BFF
A visit to the museum

Those are strong words but not too far from the truth. I am not sure about the word idiots but if you think about it those pictures depict a lack of awareness of the surroundings. I fear they allow, to pass, the beauty, the intimacy, maybe the love of their life, many opportunities because their eyes don’t see.

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Beach Fire With A Difference

What a Great idea, Rather romantic I think as well.
Innovative beach fire

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Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach.

Too bad if you were dozing on the beach enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and woke up to that coming towards you.

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Nature Girl

This was sent to me and it made me remember my time with my own Grandkids when they were that age. I used to take them for a ‘Nanna walk’ to the beach. We would go to the coffee shop afterwards meet my friends and have our morning cappuccino and my Grandkids would have what they would call ‘babychino’s’ (warm milk and froth sprinkled with chocolate and maybe a marshmallow). I loved it and a great memory for me but they were so small they probably don’t remember it at all.


I take my daughter outside somewhere in “nature” almost every single day. She sits and quietly takes in everywhere I bring her. I couldn’t be more proud. (via imgur.com)


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Poem Friday on Monday – Me With No Clothes On At Bermagui

Early last sunday, got up early, I went for a walk
I was at Bermagui, small town NSW, Australia, only noise, the seagulls squawk.


Beautiful and peaceful I have to say
I camped in my nieces beach shack, great place to stay


Bushy lanes, sandy pathways with mountain views
One could only feel happy and at peace, certainly rid that fit of blues


The sun rising bringing the color of day
just love my feet in the sand, it makes you feel good in a special way


With my feet in the sand I am about to swim at last
I was so carried away time went so fast


I need to skinny dip before anyone comes along
The feel of that water cool, clear, the current a little strong


Set the camera up to click in a minute or two
Ran to the water, Like the whole area knew
Down came the locals, more than just a few


So there I am in the water and nothing to see
Had to dive under, cause the water is clear as can be
I was submerged long enough to be shivering and a color bluey
So that was me with no clothes on in a place called Bermagui

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Magic Morning at the Beach – Noosa – Australia

Here are some pictures of my grandchildren in the surf this morning. Magic Morning.

DSC_0005 DSC_0075 DSC_0086 DSC_0130 DSC_0131 DSC_0142 DSC_0155 DSC_0247 DSC_0283

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My Beach

This is a picture of me fishing on my beach.
How beautiful is that

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