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Poem Friday – 08/24/2012 – Water, I Just Love It

Water, I Just Love It
By Lesley Voth

I think I have spoken of this before
I love water, mind and body it does restore

I drink it to rehydrate
That need for it, in the heat, without it I hate

Such a good soothing and pleasant feeling
Supposed to help you be calm and qualities of healing

The ocean, Just to sit and watch it just be
Sometimes rough, smooth, crashing waves to see

The feel of the water when swimming, diving under
supporting your body, floating, your mind full of wonder

Bathing and showering that is another thing
Just love it, the song in you, it does bring

When it rains it brings life to the soil
Too much of course, brings destruction and spoil

I have swum in it, canoed on it, all things fun
fished, played, surfed, skied, tubed, lay by it in the sun

Wherever there is water it gives me great pleasure
Memories with grandkids and all that I treasure

But never take water, ever for granted
Because shortage of it can make life as we know it very disenchanted

Somethings I Tire of, lose interest and quit
It will never be Water, I just love it

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