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Best Day For The Best Deals

According to Smart Money Magazine there are certain days of the week for bargain hunting and scoring good deals.

Retailers often have a specific day of the week that they offer big discounts. I know that my closest Academy store has Tuesday as the day it reduces some items.

Smart money suggests:

Sunday – Usually a day when retailers tend to reduce the price of appliances.

Monday – Groceries and personal stuff, cars and electronics.

Tuesday – Travel. This I know for sure. If you look for booking a flight to the destination of your desire, at midnight Tuesday there is a strong chance that you will get a good deal on your flight. My friends also have tried this with great success.

Wednesday – A runner-up to Tuesday for travel. The worst time to buy airline tickets is the weekend.

Thursday – Clothes online and traditional retailers tend to start the weekend sales early on this day.

So there you have it. If you want bargains choose your day.

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Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet offers: Bargain shopping

I found this article on the “Fox News” website this morning, so you could say this is “Hot off the Press”.

I had a look at the site Govsales.com I was amazed, this site sells Houses, International property, trucks, cars, aviation and Marine stuff. Not so much in the clothing or sporting gear but there are top end watches and jewellery and a lot of other things for offer.

This is the article from the Fox website

Bargain Shopping? Visit Uncle Sam’s Really Odd Online Warehouse
By Jeremy A. Kaplan
Published November 30, 2010

If you missed out on Cyber Monday, there’s still lots of time to get a great discount at Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet, where the discounts are as big as the tax code is complicated.

Thanks to several websites sponsored or sanctioned directly by the U.S. government, consumers can help drive down the debt by taking advantage of great prices on government surplus — including everything from old NASA tape recorders to an aircraft service truck to a 4,000-square-foot office complex in Burma.

That’s right, it’s a fire sale — and everything in the U.S. government’s warehouses must go, go, go!

Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet offers a plethora of government-run auctions of old items, including cars, boats, computers, machinery and even clothing. And all you have to do is point and click at GovSales.gov, the official retail arm of the White House, part of the Federal Asset Sales Presidential e-Government initiative.
The goal of the site is to make available surplus, seized and forfeited items — meaning you’ll find a great deal on that vehicle of your dreams, if you’ve been dreaming of an International Harvester people mover (just $2,000!) or a 1990 refueling truck by the Osh Kosh corporation.

Sure, there are plenty of normal cars, such as this Dodge Ram pickup selling for just under $9,000. Or even this 2006 Buick Lacrosse — no body damage or bullet holes! But when you’re shopping with Uncle Sam, why buy normal? Get a golf cart, if it makes you feel good. The site has tons of them. Or better yet, something unique: an aircraft service truck, perhaps? Not only will the Joneses have to keep up with you for a change . . . we promise you’ll never have a hard time finding it in the parking lot.

Buying goods from the government is more or less as easy as buying them on eBay, since most items are standard auctions with bidding histories, minimum bids and reserve prices. But you won’t find a “Buy It Now” option, and free shipping and overnight delivery are out of the question. If you buy, say, a used a NASA shredder from Cape Canaveral, you’ll most likely have to travel to Florida to pick it up.

GovSales.gov also hosts a variety of bizarre seized goods — medical equipment from Iowa and Tennessee, for example. Looking for a used examination table? We have what you’re looking for! How about an X-ray machine? It’s a steal at $275. Hopefully, it wasn’t stolen in the first place, although you never know …

And if you’re all about location, location, location, it’s the international real estate section where the assortment of stuff really shines. Why not use the buying power of the American dollar and the long reach of Uncle Sam to buy yourself a nice looking house in Bulgaria? Uncle Sam’s sold out in South and Central Asia, meaning there are no Uzbekistan bungalows on the market today. But if you act quickly, there’s a 4,000-square-foot office complex in Burma that can be all yours.

Why would the government own such a place? At these prices, who cares?

Want the perfect little getaway? Somewhere warm, on the ocean perhaps? The government has some beautiful property in Bolivia, not to mention what it terms an “executive residence” for sale in Kingston, Jamaica, on four acres of well manicured lawn. Sounds lovely, no? Just don’t pry into the former owner’s affairs. He may have shot the sheriff.

Other sites have plenty of government-owned excess to unload as well. GovLiquidation.com is one of the biggest, with the tech gadgets and goodies you’ve been wasting time looking for on Best Buy, NewEgg.com and others. There don’t appear to be any new computers available, but Uncle Sam does have 10 pallets of office supplies from Oklahoma City for sale, including Xerox ink, HP toner, and an embossing machine — of course.

Need a new Digital camera? GovLiquidation has a wealth of those, including zoom lenses and Polaroid and Fuji digital cameras. Get ’em while they’re hot . . . and hope they’re not too hot; no one likes buying stolen goods.
Keep in mind that Uncle Sam has been tightening his belt — and you’ll find it for sale in the Textiles and Clothing category. And we’ll be thinking of you while you shop . . . from the open seas, that is. This seized cigarette boat won’t drive itself.


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QuiBids Saves Consumers Lots Of Dollars _ Check it out

Have you ever heard of “Penny Auctions”? If you haven’t, but you’re the type always looking for bargains and amazing deals, then you’re in luck! Penny auctions are a new auction model that are rapidly becoming very popular in the US and Europe. Penny auctions allow individuals to do just what it implies, win popular products for pennies on the dollar. Leading the way in this new auction model is QuiBids.com, an Oklahoma based company. QuiBids auctions off brand new popular products such as iPads, Macbooks, HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, and more for steep discounts of 75%, 80%, or even 85% off retail price.
If you want to read more go to the article: Consumer Tips

This is a great way to go if you are looking for an article that you need. My daughter in law has used this auction system with great success. The video below will give you an introduction and show you how it works. You can also go straight to the website to check this out.

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