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Are You About To Buy An Airline Ticket?

Up until now when you bought your airline ticket you got hit with other unforeseen charges after you purchased your ticket.
Not anymore. The new Federal rule is that the airlines must inform you about all the airfare charges, before you buy the ticket.

1. The airline must fully disclose all fee’s and taxes when you purchase your ticket.
2. If you get bumped your compensation will be increased.
3. Lost Bag? Your baggage fee’s will be refunded.

For your information and consideration when buying a ticket:

Southwest – Has no fee’s for the first two bags.
I notice that Southwest has an EarlyBird Check-In. They assign your boarding position in advance of general check-in time, so you don’t have to worry about it. For only $10 one-way, you get an improved boarding position and earlier access to overhead bins.
Do you need this service? I personally would begrudge paying the $10, but it maybe important to you or anyone that has a rather large carry on bag.
To me it is an unnecessary fee.

Jet Blue – Has no fee’s for the first bag.

All other airlines charge for your checked in bags.

Solution – Have a single carry on bag. It will force you to learn to pack well



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New Stuff


ShopKick is an application that you can have on your phone that tracks shoppers and rewards them for visiting stores.
Shopkick feeds them offers in certain stores in the mall that they are shopping.
Some of those stores are Best Buy, American Eagle Outfitters, Macy’s and Sports Authority.

Shopkick is already available for IPhones and coming to Android phones this fall

Check the website for more information.

Hotels will pick up Baggage Fee Tab.

It was reported on Morning Express with Robin Meade, HLN,that because of the complaints about the charge of excess baggage by airlines, some Hotels have decided to reimburse the cost of one of your checked bags.
So far the Hotels that are doing this is:

  • There are 4500 locations around the world
  • Make sure you keep the reciepts, they will not reimburse without a reciept.

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7 Tips on Avoiding & Recovering Lost Baggage

It is a nightmare when you get to your destination and you find out that your baggage did not. The baggage is somewhere but not where you are. What do you need to do to avoid losing your baggage? Here are some tips:

  1. Pack light so you don’t have to check in your luggage
    This is the only guarantee that everything you need will always be with you. You really don have to bring a ton if you will only be gone for three days or so. Just bring the essentials.
  2. Tag your luggage properly
    Make sure that you have the right information on your bag. Make sure you have a contact number there and the place where you will be staying. Make sure that you also remove old tags other airlines. Put a keychain or a colorful ribbon that you will notice even your on the other end of the world.
  3. Avoid connecting flights
    If you can avoid connecting flights, avoid them. Connections can sometimes make things complicated. There are also airlines which share codes with other airlines but sometimes they don’t have accreditation for the same luggage service. And somewhere in that sentence, you lost your baggage.
  4. Check in early for the flight
    Getting to the airport on time allows you to have some space for security checks and gives the airport crew enough time to place your bags onto the right plane.

    Worse comes to worst, what do you do when your baggage is lost?

  5. Complete all the forms needed
    Act promptly if you don’t see your luggage on the carousel. Most likely the airline crew will have an explanation. There are times that they will be able to locate it immediately but there will be times that you need to wait. If you can wait for your baggage, by all means, wait. If you are pressed for time, fill out the necessary forms so the airline can get the baggage to your hotel or house.
  6. Ask how the airline can help you
    Some airlines will extend a helping hand like they can give you some petty cash so you can buy some essentials like toiletries. They can also give you coupons so you can get some clothes or equipment. In case you have a damaged luggage, ask how they can address that since some will go out of their way to have your bag repaired. Some also give a replacement luggage so problems of damaged suitcases are solved on the spot.
  7. File a claim
    When you can not really trace your bags, file a claim but remember that the liability can be limited for domestic flights and even smaller fees for international flights. There are credit card companies and travel insurance that covers lost or damage luggage.



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