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Can Your Dog Eat These Fruits

This is worth checking as I was not aware they could not eat avocado’s. Lucky I don’t have a dog cause I would probably think nothing of feeding it an avocado as I eat them everyday so would think it would be healthy for my dog (If I had one)

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Always Have Lemons In The House Because……..

1. Use a lemon to clean your cutting board

2. Freeze lemons as ice cubes

3. Use lemons to keep avocados from turning brown

4. Freeze a bag full of lemons so you’ll always have some when you need them

5.Keep lemons fresher for longer in pitcher of water

6. Wake up with a cup of warm water with lemon

7. Lemon mixed with rosemary and vanilla makes for a great way to freshen up your home

8. Lemons can reduce soap scum on your bathtub or sink area.

9. Lemons are good for cleaning and brightening copper

10. Using lemon on your nails will clean and polish them up

11. Use lemon as a natural cleaning product

12. Use a lemon so your apples don’t brown

13. Use lemon shavings as flavor and for added health benefits

14. Try making a lemon face mask


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Did You Know This About Super Bowl – 02/02/2015


1. This is the first Super Bowl ever where two Super Bowl MVP QBs will start against each other. To make things even more interesting, QB Eli Manning won the MVP award when these two teams met in Super Bowl XLII.


2. QB Tom Brady has 100 career Super Bowl completions, the most in Super Bowl history!


3.  When then Giants and Patriots locked up at Super Bowl XLII the event drew an average of 97,448,000 people watching on TV.

4. QB Joe Montana has won the Super Bowl MVP award three times, the most by anyone. QB Tom Brady has two MVP awards, one more would tie Montana’s record.

5. Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day of food consumption, just behind Thanksgiving. Americans will eat around 90 million pounds of chicken wings and 69.6 million pounds of avocados.


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Does this not look fantastic. This actually is the ultimate healthy breakfast. It is one of my favorite. Avocado’s are quite cheap at the moment so it makes for an economical meal. Good for the heart and cholesterol.

Healthy Breakfast. Avocado and poached eggs

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