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Did You Know – 05/06/2017

These Strange Myths That Turned Out to Be True

1.Bohemian Grove is a real place.

This is the place where the world’s elite have gone on vacation since the late 19th century. Politicians, musicians, artists, and extremely wealthy individuals gather in Bohemian Grove to enjoy the best kinds of entertainment and also to carry out eerie mystical/religious rites. In the early 2000s, secretly filmed camera footage proved what the “Bohemian Club” refused to confirm: its mysterious meeting place is real, sparking new interest in the legends that have grown up around it.

2. Ernest Hemingway was convinced that the FBI was following him, but his friends and loved ones believed he was simply paranoid. Decades later, the FBI declassified some of its archives which show that the famous writer really was being tracked. This was the result of his connections with Cuba. Many people have argued that this situation led to Hemingway’s suicide.

3. Diamonds are not, in fact, that rare. This is essentially just an ordinary rock, and extracting it has become much less arduous over the past 150 years. However, over a long period of time, the De Beers company has controlled supplies of diamonds and has therefore been able to artificially raise the prices for them. They have been helped in this task by advertising campaigns depicting diamonds as extremely expensive precious stones that should always cost a large amount of money in order to be considered authentic.
Another ‘myth’ that’s true; coloured diamonds are worth more than white diamonds. This is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated as the colour is just impurities within the stone.

4. As long as it’s within a 3-mile radius of the British shore. All whales, dolphins, sturgeons, and porpoises within that radius belong to the Queen.

5. Kinder Surprise eggs, an Italian brand of egg-shaped chocolate candies containing a toy “surprise” inside, have been banned in the States since long before they were first manufactured in the early ’70s. That’s because the US has had a ban on candies with embedded toys since 1938


Source of Information: Brightside

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The Power Of Kindness

The Power Of Kindness

I read this article from my favourite magazine Called Nature and health.
I thought, what wise words they were.
Kindness to me makes life easier, pleasant, and leaves a good feeling in your soul.
When someone says unkind words to you it hurts. For that someone, it can give great pleasure and a sense of power, and that is unfortunate, for others it can make them feel really bad and can be upsetting to them and eventually they will apologise for those rude and hurtful remarks or make up for it in other ways.
My rule of thumb is that for every unkind deed you do it will someday come bite you in the ass.
To be kind brings a glow and a sense of happiness to your face and demeanor.

Micheal J. Chase has written five keys to kindness which I believe he would like me to share with you.

1. Being Aware:

Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions.

I believe these words speak for themselves.
We need to be mindful of our surroundings, take delight in the beauty that surrounds us at any specific time.
For me it was when I was paddling on our lake in the early hours of this morning watching the fish jumping and the shrimp jumping out of my way. The sun shining on the water.
I needed that peace and the quiet. I needed to be aware.

2. Asking

Ask yourself throughout each day “Am I being Kind?”

Very profound. When you begin to talk about a friend or person ask yourself “Am I being Kind”. Gossip is not kind and we all tend to do this.
If you are about to snap at someone, complain about anything; feel anxious, angry even resentful, that question should come up after a deep and meaningful breath “Am I being Kind?”

3. Adopting.

Adopt the livingkindness philosophy by practising kindness towards yourself, others and the earth.

Totally more great words. Being kind to yourself is essential. For example what you eat, exercising, when you look in the mirror, give yourself a complement. Make sure you are always on time when possible so you are not beating yourself up for being late.
Spend time in silence give that brain a rest and try to give it beautiful thoughts.
Always, always be kind to others. Be genuine about your compliments. Say nice words to a stranger and mean it. Often I will meet someone in the supermarket or just on the street and something stands out about them that is pleasant, as I pass them I will say love your…… or you are looking happy today. Makes them feel good and brings a smile to my dial.
Kindness towards our surroundings and Mother Earth is also very important. Never litter, ride your bike or walk when you can, recycle, grow your own vegetables, trees herbs, anything.
Never be cruel to animals, or children who are defenceless against you. Be kind to all living things.

4. Applying.

Apply the nine elements of a kind heart.

1. Attentive – recognises the needs of others.
2. Authentic – genuine and acts from truth
3. Charitable – gives yet expects nothing
4. Compassionate – sensitive towards all living things
5. Courageous – Acts from love rather than from fear.
6. Enthusiastic – Displays limitless energy and passion
7. Grateful – Is content and filled with appreciation
8. Inspirational – encourages and motivates others
9. Patient – waits and responds at the proper moment

5. Performing

Perform spontaneous acts of kindness

“Whenever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness” – Seneca, the Roman philosopher and statesman
Every day you should take the chance to make someone smile, feel loved and give them a sense of hope.
The choice to do this is yours entirely and hopefully after reading this article you will feel so inclined.


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