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Only In Texas – The Ultimate Texan Bike Wash

Cindy’s at Bastrop near Austin was having a charity bike wash this weekend. The girls were fun and playing it up and we had lots of laughs. The girls offered their services for free and all the money went to the local Fire Fighters.



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Poem Friday – 12/07/2012 – 85 mph Highway


85 MPH Highway
Author: Lesley Voth

I had the pleasure last weekend to ride
To Travel to Austin TX, on my Harley, my love my pride

I rode with my Two friends Tim and Rich
The bikes went well, motors purred, ran smooth without a glitch

In and out of traffic at quite some speed
Wind in our face, felt good we all agreed

But I have to mention the new Highway
They built in Austin, 85 mph all the way

Man it felt good, road smooth, opened a new gateway
85 mph did we stay?, hell no, too good, speed limit we did not obey

Yes that road is a real beauty I would say
Riding down that 85 mph highway

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Poem Friday – Best Day Of The Week So To Speak

I love Fridays

Best Days Of The Week So To Speak
Author: Lesley Voth

Friday again how I love this day
It’s a time I love cause its an excuse in a way

To find a reason why I can make it a day of play
I have been to the gym, worked off a few calories I would say

In a couple of hours I am off to have lunch
I meet with my girlfriends, an enjoyable bunch

We are actually going to the Cheesecake factory
I love the salads, heaps of calories but very satisfactory

After that I treat myself to a movie in a theatre close by
“Killing them softly” Brad Pitt is in it that is why

Then I will join my husband for a cigar and a small drink
With our friend Bob and some others I think

I love Fridays because it’s the end of the week
Tomorrow I am riding my motorbike to Austin, weather looks good not bleak
Yes I love Fridays the best day of the week so to speak.

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