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Save On Power – Go Griddy

This Company (Griddy)  is a good example of Competition in the energy industry – we joined this Electricity company in June 2019 and have not looked back. It reduced our power bill by half in some cases more. Also found though, very quickly I might add,  that we needed to keep an eye on the app to check on change of  charges.  They do notify you on your phone when charges become higher. The change of price can happen when the weather gets very hot in the summer usually in the afternoon.

 This  is a great feature especially of you have control of your air conditioning or power system from your phone. (you can alter your power at home from work).  Even better if you work from home, you are able to turn off appliances that will be sucking up power when the charges are high. Especially your air-conditioning . 

Anyway its a good deal and worth looking into. This of course is  only available in USA

Start saving today with Griddy. Use this link and you’ll get a $50 credit for signing up.




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Small Savings – Big Fortune

Before eating out look for coupons for your destination – Go to Restaurant.com.

A coupon that could cost $10 could mean $25 off your bill.  Save $15

Have your computer search for savingsJoinhoney.com – Honey is a free extension you add to your web browser. When you shop online, click on the icon and it searches for coupons. Say you are shopping for a refrigerator at Sears, Honey found a code for an extra $35 off.  Definitely worth using this App.

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Flashlight apps on mobile phones – Go Buy A Torch

You need to listen to this before you download a ‘Flashlight App’. If you have already downloaded this app, no matter what type  it is,  you may consider erasing it.


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Shop Smarter – Try These Apps

This is an article that I found in the AARP Magazine on money-saving apps written by Jean Chatzky. I thought it was excellent and have put them on my iPhone. Will let you know what I think of them when I give them a run. If you have used them let me know what you think.

1. RedLaser

Helps find better prices for a particular item that you are interested in.
Scan the bar code and the App shoots back prices from competing stores and online merchants. You can use the app to buy the item and some stores will have it waiting when you arrive.

2. Slice

Organizes online-shopping email such as order confirmations and shipping info

The app sorts through your in-boxes to gather and organize all your shopping related messages, including receipts for online purchases and vouchers from daily deal sites.
It allows you to track packages easily and also receipts.

3. Coupon Sherpa

To search and redeem coupons.
You can browse for online printable or mobile coupons by retailer or product type. Take printable coupons to the store or just show your phone to the cashier to get the savings.

4. Key Ring

Records loyalty cards

Scan your loyalty cards with your smart phone. when you pay for something at the store the cashier scans your smart phone screen to get your loyalty account information. You are able to sign up with this app as well.

5. Waze

Lowers Your gas pump bills b steering around traffic jams

Gives you an update on local traffic. If there is a backup ahead you get a voice alert suggesting another route. When you open this app while driving your vehicle information goes to a central database, based on GPS readings.


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Homesnap Scoop!

I am always amazed at the new technology that is becoming available to us.

Here is a new one to me called “Homesnap” which is a new App you can download to your IPhone.

This App is Unique in that it allows users to get any information on homes with just a picture. The information that you get is: Square footage, price estimate, number of rooms, interior pictures and get this it will give you the information on similar homes.

This App works all over the country and an option to contact the agent. I think this will revolutionize the way we buy houses. It certainly saves you the time and effort of chasing down the Agent for the information.
This App is FREE!

I for one am going to get this App.

You can read all about this App on http://www.sawbuck.com/homesnap/ and also iTunes Preview

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