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Did You Know – 11/04/2019


  1. 2015 study shows that Animal Fat is actually quite healthy for you and an important part of your diet. Pork fat being the 8th in line. It contains Vitamin D, Omega 3, ‭monounsaturated fats (same as Avo’s and Olive oil) saturated fats and choline. For the highest quality go Organic pasture free range hogs. This is good news to me as I love pork fat especially crackle

2. Nerdwax Was developed and presented to Shark Tank. The wax is rubbed on your nose and prevents your glasses from slipping down the nose. Brilliant I thought as I push my glasses up my nose about 20 times a day

3. Champagne lost its bubble? – Go get a raisen from the cupboard and drop it into  the bottle. The carbon dioxide left in the bottle will cling to the groves of the raisin and release back into the liquid and make it bubbly again. I did not know that. Now I do

4. Fruit flies drink alcohol When they are sexually frustrated 🤨. I don’t know where that information came from exactly  but I do know Flies do find my red wine very attractive . Why not sure.


5. When your eyes move so do your eardrums. I believe its a mystery but it seems that sight and sound are very closely related. Just a thought,  maybe by moving your eyes quickly you can bring on Vertigo as well as watching a movie in the dark on a computer may also give you symptoms of vertigo . I have actually experienced that.

a.Your eyes are capable of processing 36,000 pieces of information per hour:

b.Your eyes will process 24 million images in your lifetime:

c. Your eyes can recognize candle light from up to 14 miles away:

more information on this

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Did You Know – 03/14/2016

  1. Save money at Target



2. Australia:  a. One of the few countries that eats their national animal.
b. Emu and the Kangaroo are on the Australian crest because neither animal can walk backwards.
c. The ‘dingo fence’ is the longest fence in the world (5,530km). It is about twice as long as the Great Wall of China.


3. Google’s founders were willing to sell to Excite for under $1 million in 1999—but Excite turned them down.


4. Sean Connery turned down the Gandalf role in Lord of the Rings. “I read the book. I read the script. I saw the movie. I still don’t understand it.”


5. Workmen constructing the Statue of Liberty in Bartholdi’s Parisian warehouse workshop; first model; left hand; and quarter-size head-; Winter 1882


6. Frank Hayes was a jockey who is most well know for being the jockey to win a horse race whilst dead! Hayes suffered a fatal heart attack in the midst of a race at Belmont Park in New York atop his horse “Sweet Kiss”. Despite carrying a dead weight, Sweet Kiss ran ahead of the field and won the race.

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Survive A Crisis – No 2

You Meet A Large Animal Who Is Not looking very Friendly.

(In this case I think I would prefer to be in a sinking car)



a. “Do not run” This is advice from Tony Nester the director of the Ancient Pathways survival school in Flagstaff, Arizona. What happens is if you run you most likely cause a chase response in an animal that had no plans to attack. Even if it is eyeballing you as a potential meal it prefers prey that is not going to put up a fight.
Spread your arms, shout, and make yourself look large (not to hard for me but I am sure I would be sweating big time) and threatening.
Slowly retreat and do not turn your back on the animal. If you are with a child he or she may look more appetizing so keep between the child and the bear.

b. If all else failsThe animal you are facing may be guarding its territory and not hungry. The plan is the same but be assured the animal will be more aggressive.
If this is not affective and it begins to attack use whatever you can such as a stick, fists, fight back and aim for the snout before he rips your arm off.

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The Human-Animal Bond

This is my Grandson Jayden with “Basil” » Photography « Jon Jodvalkis

Over the years I have had several animals that I have interacted and cared for. I have had pigs, cows, bull (Ferdinand), ducks, hens, cockatoo’s,horses, dogs and cats. I could tell a story about all of them. A story of humor, tragedy, love, and the amazing instincts that all of them had. All of them great memories and bring a smile to my face.

I had a cat that used to bring me rabbits. I had Irish setters that used to round up Kangaroo’s. We had a cow that did not like the inconvenience of being milked and would put her foot in the bucket in protest. You needed to know the signs to get the bucket out of the way very quickly. All our animals had some sort of personality and the reason I believe is that they were part of our life and it was how we interacted with them.

The human and animal bond is such a dynamic relationship. The one thing I have observed with my dog is, it doesn’t matter how comfortable they are, asleep, relaxing, the minute you call them they jump up and are at your feet wagging their tails… just loving the attention you are giving them. They don’t care that you disturbed them from their sleep. It is the example of unconditional love.

I was reading an article from the Purdue University School of Veterinary medicine. The studies show that people in contact with animals experience, a decrease in blood pressure, anxiety and a feeling of well-being.

The relationship that children have with animals can be inspirational to watch sometimes. The animal’s sense that they need to be gentle with this human being especially babies. They chat away to the animals like they are expecting an answer.

Animals are used for therapeutic reasons in hospices, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. They have found that an animal in the nursing homes provide great comfort and entertainment for those who live there and their mental health improves, especially those who are suffering from depression. People in the presence of animals are usually perceived to be more happy and healthy.

Not all storys are happy ones. An article written on Heathypet.com associates animal abuse with domestic violence. They say: For families suffering with domestic violence or abuse, the use or threat of abuse against companion animals is often used for leverage by the controlling/violent member of the family to keep others in line or silent.

This is a subject that I won’t go into because it is disturbing to me and I am sure it would be for any animal lover.

On the positive side: The following video below is a great example of what love and bond there is between baby and Dog.

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Animal Love Under A Wing.

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Animal Love – Pure As Snow

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Animal Love Photo

This is adorable – to a cat lover

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World Animal Day 2009

Earlier this month (October 4th) was World Animal Day. Started in 1931, the day was set aside to celebrate animal life in all its forms around the world, and humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom. Collected below are 41 photographs of animals around the world, at play, at rest, at work and more, taken over the past several weeks. [Previously on TBP: World Animal Day 2008] (41 photos total)a09_20503661


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