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Did You Know – 10/15/2018.

  1. It was in 1901 in the US the Executive Mansion name was officially  changed to the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt.


2. According to National Geographic being chased or falling off a high place are the two most common dreams or in some cases a nightmare.


3.  That Kleenex tissues were originally  invented to be used as filters for gas masks during the first world war. In 1924 Kleenex was sold in America as a cold cream or makeup remover



4. I am not sure about this Life Hack – If you are short on wood to keep  the fire going while camping throw some twisties or Doritos  in the fire to keep it burning. Some would rather freeze over than do that but you do what you have to do.


5. University of Exeter study shows that people who run outdoors in nature have more energy and less anger and depression than when they run indoors on a treadmill.


6. The new trend – Moon milk – It is designed to give you a calming sleep. The recipe for Moon Milk which you can make yourself is:-

Heat 1 cup of coconut milk, with a drizzle of honey and a dash of cinnamon and ashwagandha in a saucepan. The other option for this recipe is on Google there are heaps of different recipes that may suit your palate.

Sweet dreams.



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Did You Know – 04/21/2014

Today is going to be a ‘Did You Know’ about some health research. Most of it via Dr Oz.
Because the way the body works, nutritionally if you eat less of something the more you will eat of something else. That is why you need a balanced nutritional diet.


1. Coffee is America’s No 1 anti Oxidant. “Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source” – Words from Joe Vinson, Ph.D., a chemistry professor


2. Red Potatoes have more antioxidants that any other Potato. The skins have as much as 10 to 12 times the amount of antioxidants as the flesh. These antioxidant levels should encourage people to eat more red-skinned potatoes.


3. Anger, stress, anxiety is the major cause of chronic back pain according to Dr David Hanscom. His words”Pain is a perception – nothing more, nothing less. Understanding pain allows you to gain control of your care. Freedom from pain is not possible – with the right tools it is probable.”


4. 1 to 1 of epsom salts and Hair conditioner is great for your hair, gives it a shine and volumizes your hair and it feels soft. (I tried it and it is great). Go to wellnessmama to find 21 more uses for epsom salts.


5. With new studies it has been found that saturated fats are not bad for your heart as has been with previous opinions. Throw away the recipe for egg white omelets and use the whole egg. I actually watched this information on Dr Oz and I have read information on this subject for years so am in total agreement. Kick the sugar that is your killer.




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New Study on the Impact Of Anger On Your Health

I read this article today about the subject of anger and the affect it has on the body. It seems that the research shows that it is not all bad.

According to EurekAlert. When we get angry, the heart rate, arterial tension and testosterone production increases, cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases, and the left hemisphere of the brain becomes more stimulated. This is indicated by a new investigation lead by scientists from the University of Valencia (UV) that analyses the changes in the brain’s cardiovascular, hormonal and asymmetric activation response when we get angry.

The positive emotions, like happiness, are usually associated to a motivation of closeness, and the negative ones, like fear and sadness, are characterised by a motivation of withdrawal.

However, not all emotions behave in accordance with this connection. “The case of anger is unique because it is experienced as negative but, often, it evokes a motivation of closeness“, the expert explains.
The object of your anger, likely as a means to stop the conflict. And when it comes to anger, resolving the upset is a very wise decision.

Suppression of Anger can be a killer.

Suppressing Anger can have a negative affect on your body. It does not feel good and you can become bitter, feel like everything is hopeless you feel sad, you forget to laugh or generally have a good time. The anger is overwhelming. It is so unhealthy. It causes

1. Headaches

2. upset stomach

3. insomnia

4. depression

5. High blood pressure

6. Heart attack

7. stroke

8. Accidents

It generally weakens your immune system.

Letting your anger out explosively may be harmful because it triggers surges in stress hormones and injures blood vessel linings.

However, simply holding in your anger isn’t the answer either; this has been linked to increases in blood pressure and heart rate. A new study even found that suppressing your anger may triple your chances of a heart attack.

It is healthier to “say what you have to say” and get it over with. Getting angry makes you more focused on what is important to you, a time to resolve an issue. Often will resolve a conflict with whom you are angry.

Life is too short to carry anger.

I have had an example of the damage that anger can do, when my Father had a stroke. He was a very  proud and intelligent man but an unforgiving man and held a grudge. At the early age of 65 he had a stroke which debilitated him for 7 years till he died. This is a result from suppressing anger and generally being grumpy and getting it “off his chest” as they say.

It is important to resolve your anger as quick as you can so it does not affect your mind and body.

There are many ways of coping with anger.

a. Relax – sometimes easier said than done but deep breathing is an excellent solution. It works and you become more focused and relaxed.

b. Empathizing with the person or situation that has caused the anger.

c. Exercise – This I know works. By the time you get back from the gym or walk you usually have calmed down and able to think better and resolve the situation with ease.

d. Prayer, meditation, This is also excellent.

e. Ask yourself – In 15 min will it matter, will it matter the next day, does it really matter at all? Is it worth getting all stewed up about.

f. Can someone help – Maybe if you speak to a person that maybe able to see another side to your anger. Ask yourself “Am I being silly”

Anger is natural but it is better if you can release it. It is better if you can release it in a healthy way.

I am sure my Father would have lived many more years had he not held anger inside. Had he seen the lighter side of life he would be with my Mum today, who is now 93 and refuses to be ruffled for anybody.



EUREKALERT May 31, 2010

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