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Did You Know – 8/06/2018

1. The Hawaiian Alphabet has only 13 letters. It includes five vowels and eight consonants

2. Smart Bandages – Researchers at Tufts University USA have come up with a brilliant innovative tech. Although only in the clinical trial period, if successful it could put an end to infections and amputations in people who have chronic skin wounds.

This bandage which looks like a clear sticking plaster houses both heat and PH detecting sensors together with a dose of thermally activated medicine. Infected wounds and burns generate higher temperatures and Ph levels that healthy skin, so as soon as the sensors notice anything out of the norm they send a drug releasing microbes straight to the area.
It appears there are many Universities looking into this so I guess it is something that we can look forward to in the future.

3. Sex and Fruit – According to Dr Yen Ying Lim, of the Cognitive aging laboratory at the Florey institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Victoria, Australia, having sex on a regular basis and heaps of fruit especially berries and cherries help your memory work at its best. Things that break down the protection of our brain are inactivity, being Obese, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

4. Clench your fist – While we are on the subject of Memory researchers of the Montclair State University in the USA have discovered that making a fist seems to help memory and recall.
Clench your right fist when you want to remember something and clench your left fist later to help recollect the memory.

5. An Orange a Day Keeps macular degeneration away – Researchers from Westmead institute discovered that by eating one orange a day the flavonoids they contain helps to prevent macular degeneration. Try changing from an apple a day to the orange a day and you may have happy eyes

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Saving Tip For Today….7/25/2010

Save by the Alphabet

This is a cool idea that I got from the AARP Bulletin.

Every $1 bill that you get, look at the letter of the alphabet in the circle on the left side of the note( the side with George Washington on it). These seals denote federal reserve regions and run from A – L.
Save the bills with a letter of significance to you for specific purposes.
An example of this is B for a new bike or present for Bill. C for Christmas presents. L for new lessons of your desire.
You will be amazed how much you can save in a year and really not even miss the dollar here and there. You could probably easily save $500 without any pain.

I am also going to take the time to say what a great website that AARP have. You don’t have to be an “oldie” to get some very informative and helpful information. It is well worth checking out.

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