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Did You Know – 12/05/2016

All these did you know’s are from my book “Secrets of Longevity” by Dr Maoshing Ni”




  1. Flowers for Stress busting – A study showed that people who sat near a bouquet of colorful flowers during a typing assignment than those that sat next to a just green foliage plant. It proved that colorful flowers have a powerful influence on moods, love, and combat stress.” I love flowers and have them in the house all the time ” me just sayin.


2. Hug the ground – This I found interesting – There are reasons why gravity keeps humans close to the ground. The higher you are from the surface the earth the less connected you are to the planet’s electromagnetic field (EMF). Our bodies myriad functions are regulated b our own EMF, which pulses to that of the earth. When the EMF synchronization is disrupted, disease can result. When you fly in a plane at 30,000 feet you are bombarded with a level of cosmic radiation similar to one’s radiation exposure in a chest x-ray. So if possible work or live no higher than 4 stories up and (this for some is impossible) use air travel only when absolutely necessary. Also I have read it is why walking on the ground with bare feet when possible is very healthy for you.



3. Activities in our lives can be categorized as Yin or Yang. Sleeping, relaxing, reading and bathing are yin activities. Exercising on the other hand together with cooking, engaging in hobbies and study are yang. So therefore your bedroom and bathroom are more appropriately located in the northern and western parts of your home. Your office, kitchen, living room and dining room should be in the southern and eastern locations.


4. phosphatidylserine (PS) –  is a well documented nutrient used in Europe to reverse age related dementia and memory loss. It is made naturally by the body. It is known to boost various neurotransmitters in the brain that activate reasoning, concentration and memory. It also allows ones ability to withstand harmful effects of stress.

The average daily phosphatidylserine (PS) intake from diet in Western countries is estimated to be 130 mg.  PS may be found in meat and fish. Only small amounts of PS can be found in dairy products or in vegetables, with the exception of white beans and soy lecithin.



5. Active Sex Life – It is natures fountain of youth – A healthy sex life raises the levels of substances that lengthen your life span – endorphins, growth hormone, and DHEA. Lowers stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. A fulfilling sexuality not only improves the quality of life but the quantity


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How Does Caffeine Work?

I found this article on the site sexcigarsbooze.com. Because I just love my coffee in the morning, I thought the explanation of how caffeine worked was brilliant.
If you are like me and love your morning coffee then this is a must read.

Caffeine is known medically as trimethylxanthine; its chemical formula is C8H10N4O2. When isolated in pure form, caffeine is a white crystalline powder that tastes very bitter.
Caffeine blocks adenosine, the hormone that causes drowsiness, from doing its job in the brain. When adenosine is blocked from doing its job the nerve cells speed up. When that happens the pituitary gland gets all excited and releases hormones that tell the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. Adrenaline is the “fight or flight” hormone, and it has a number of effects on your body:
Your pupils dilate.
Your breathing tubes open up (this is why people suffering from severe asthma attacks are sometimes injected with epinephrine).
Your heart beats faster.
Blood vessels on the surface constrict to slow blood flow from cuts and also to increase blood flow to muscles.
Blood pressure rises.
Blood flow to the stomach slows.
The liver releases sugar into the bloodstream for extra energy.
Muscles tighten up, ready for action.
This explains why, after consuming a big cup of coffee, your hands get cold, your muscles tense up, you feel excited and you can feel your heart beat increasing.
Caffeine also increases dopamine levels in the same way that amphetamines do. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates pleasure centers in certain parts of the brain. Heroin and cocaine also manipulate dopamine levels by slowing down the rate of dopamine reabsorption. Obviously, caffeine’s effect is much lower than heroin’s, but it’s the same process.
“It’s very important to remember that caffeine is a drug, and, like any drug, it’s a lot of fun.” ~Dave Barry
In short, we drink coffee because:
• Caffeine blocks adenosine reception so you feel alert.
• It injects adrenaline into the system to give you a boost. And…
• It manipulates dopamine production to make you feel good.

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Love & Fear

Pro skateboarder Mike Vallely at Orlando Skate Park by Rick Andrews

Do you know what happens inside our bodies in reaction to love and fear? I didn’t know, but I was intrigued when I researched it and now I’m going to share it with here.

It all started off by me reading an article today about Love and Fear, which I thought was so interesting. I had no idea about the actual chemical process that is triggered by Love and Fear.

A threatening stimuli cause stress hormones of adrenalin and Cortisol. By contrast, love, or soothing stimuli, causes the increase of the hormone Oxytocin.

Sudden fright or fear is associated with the production of Adrenaline, which in turn increases the heart rate, causing muscle reaction and alertness. You become sweaty, your breathing becomes more rapid and you often feel a shiver go through your body.

Long-term stress or fear produces Cortisol. Cortisol has a different effect on the body than adrenaline. Cortisol is more detrimental to the body. Cortisol begins to break down non-essential organs and tissues to keep blood sugars available to feed vital organs. Chronic production of Cortisol at high levels (long periods of stress) begins to digest bones, muscles and joints to get these essential nutrients.

What happens in this case is blood fats and sugar become elevated. This is a cause of many disorders; one of them is reaching for high-calorie foods.

An example of prolonged stress that can cause health problems is the threat of loosing your job, commuting in heavy traffic each day to work, an unreasonable boss and dreading going to work. Marriage problems can also create stress that produces Cortisol. These problem or life issues may not be always be outwardly physically detrimental to the body, but the production of Cortisol, because of this stress, is extremely hard indirectly on the body.

Fortunately for us our amazing body system has a hormone to counteract the harmful hormones. The anti-stress hormone is called Oxytocin. Oxytocin can promote better health.

We need to know how to kick Oxytocin hormones into gear so that our stressful conditions do not destroy our bodies.

There is a lot of ways that can help our body produces Oxytocin:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Prayer
  • Pets
  • Support groups
  • Stillness, love and appreciation
  • Laughter and joy
  • Intimate relationships
  • Cuddling
  • Stroking
  • Companionship and caring

The more Oxcytocin the body makes the stronger our immune system is and our body and mind become stronger also. The more Oxytocin the body produces the more nerve cell’s receptors grow. I guess it’s like a healthy plant; the more you feed it the more it grows and spreads.

Oxytocin has many positive affects on the body:

  • Allow you to handle fear in a more controlled manner
  • Helps to heal
  • Helps reduce addictions such as sugar, food and chemical addictions
  • Helps you live longer and healthier
  • Helps make you more receptive sexually
  • Helps with confidence
  • Keeps you calm and relaxed

So this is a good example of why you should try to keep you life as stress-free as you can. Stress and fear have obviously got a lot of harmful effects on the body and mind; if not controlled they will have long term and terminal results.

On the other hand the effects of love and joy are so beneficial for the body.

I had very little knowledge of the chemical effects of these hormones and find it quite fascinating, as I do with all our body functions. Our body is quite the perfectly designed machine.

Needs to be serviced regularly to keep it in top form.

Never take it for granted.


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