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Movie – The Accountant – Excellent Excellent

Just been to see this movie it is a 10 out of 10. So good I could see it again. Good storyline, great action and mystery. Its a must go see. Ben Affleck is crazy good in this movie.


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Best surfing action from Red Bull Cape Fear 2014

I love watching these video’s. Something about them that is inspiring. The music in this video is great also.

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Expendables 111 & Off To Mexico


Went to see this movie yesterday and it was bloody fabulous. I just loved it. Would totally recommend it. Action packed of course from beginning to the end. New crew has been added and Mel Gibson was great as usual. Hope they make another

Now I am off to Mexico this morning for a week. So will be off the air till after the 23rd of August


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A Plan To Solve A Problem

For many of us, when we have a problem we often go into panic mode, cold sweats, cry, blame. Very few of us sit down to think of a solution. Well not for a few hours or so, depending on how serious you think the problem is.

Lets think of the most effective way to approach a problem, hopefully if we cant solve the problem we can at least control our emotions and face whatever it is we have to face.

In my opinion the best approach and one I use is.

1. Lay out in your mind exactly what the problem is. Black and White. No accusations, no other colourful dramatic thoughs. The Problem is…….

2. The reason. Most of the time a problem is just a guide. Maybe you have made an error in the direction you are meant to be going. Maybe your line of attack has been the wrong one and it has created this problem.

3. Change your thought about the problem. Instead of asking “what is wrong” ask yourself “if it was a perfect picture what would it look like ?”.” What would it look like if all was well?”

4. Ask yourself ” What are four steps I could take that could either solve this situation or shift the situation?” . Make the thoughts strong and positive thoughts that will help you create a productive solution. Because there is always a solution of some sort.

5. Take action – Make sure the steps you take will get you to your intended result. Keep asking yourself “what is working?” Keep focused and you will find that your problem will disappear, diminish or not as serious as you first thought.

When problems occur don’t dig too deep from the surface. Just focus on what the problem will look like at the solution. You may not be able to totally solve problems but, it could diminish and transform itself into something more positive.

Take a Breath. Find a quiet place and do some thinking or just calm yourself down.

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