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5 of the 99 Great Ways to Save From the AARP Bulletin

  1. Get dental work for a fraction of the cost from dentist – supervised students. Go to ada.org and click on dental schools. The federal government also offers help. Go to nidcr.nih.gov then search “findings dental care”


2. A survey found that if you haggle the price of hearing aids with certain retail businesses you may be able to save. One survey found about half of the 14% who haggled got a better deal. Sometime you can save over 1,000 dollars buying online. I promote of course to buy from the retailer to support them and employment. 


3. Apply for free meds:- Go to the partnership for prescription assistance  pparx.org . Patients that qualify save hundreds of dollars. 

4. Be a house sitter:- The site trustedhousesitters.com Matches those sho need their pets and homes watched. Another site to go to for more information on this is SecretBlogger.com

5. Discount for Train rides:- Amtrak cuts 10% off most fares for riders 62 plus. Via rail Canada offers 10% off adult fares for travelers over 60


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Small Savings – Big Fortune

  1. Celebrate your birthday with free eats.  – Go Website Thrillist . This website has a list of 75 major food chains that offer free items on your special day. Benihana restaurants for example offer $30 off during your birthday month.


2. Buy glasses online – It can be 70 percent cheaper to buy at sites such as Zennioptical.com than at the store. That is $210 off a $300 pair of specs. AARP embers can save at EyeMed.


3. Get taxes done for free – AARP foundation offers a free tax preparation to people with a low to moderate incomes. Go to aarp.org/taxaide. or call 888-687-2277 – Save on average $273

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Small Savings – Big Fortune


Plan to rent a car on vacation – Pack your toll pass transponder device. Many can be used at Toll Plazas in other states if you are in America. In Illinois for example vehicles with an I-Pass device pay half of what the cash lane charges. You will save $7.50 or more in some cases.

Sign up for a twitter feed that offers deals – Example – @AmazonDeals, @RetailMeNot, @couponkid (recently tweeted a $10 coupon with a purchase of $100 at hotels.com) @AARPMemberAdv on twitter for alerts available to AARP members

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Small Savings – Big Fortune


Well that is kinda the name of one of my books (“Small Savings Make A Big Fortune – 1069 ways you can save now”), but here is a few new ideas that I will give you each day till I run out.

  1. Travel with a water bottle – I actually travel with an empty water bottle with a filter in it. I fill the water bottle after I have gone through security and just before I board the plane. The filter of course takes out a lot of the chemicals and chorine taste in the water from the tap. This will save you at least $5 as that is the usual cost per  liter bottle from the stores at the airport. Round trip save $10

2. For Some Meds skip your insurance – This of course is for those who live in America – Ask your pharmacist about the retail price of your prescription medication. The reason is it might be cheaper to pay that price as an example – the diabetes medication Metformin costs about $4 for a month supply while the average copay is $11 – Saving $7

Source AARP.Org/bulletin



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Saving Tip For Today….7/25/2010

Save by the Alphabet

This is a cool idea that I got from the AARP Bulletin.

Every $1 bill that you get, look at the letter of the alphabet in the circle on the left side of the note( the side with George Washington on it). These seals denote federal reserve regions and run from A – L.
Save the bills with a letter of significance to you for specific purposes.
An example of this is B for a new bike or present for Bill. C for Christmas presents. L for new lessons of your desire.
You will be amazed how much you can save in a year and really not even miss the dollar here and there. You could probably easily save $500 without any pain.

I am also going to take the time to say what a great website that AARP have. You don’t have to be an “oldie” to get some very informative and helpful information. It is well worth checking out.

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15 Ways To Stretch You Dollar With AARP

1. Click for Coupons » The AARP grocery coupon center powered by coupons.com offer coupons for groceries beverages, household items and health products. 

2. Home Improvement. Go toAARP . Learn about tips and low-cost home modifications and money-saving ideas to make your home more comfortable.

3. Traveling » AARP travel center is powered by Expedia for all vacations. receive discounts from most AARP travel hotel and car rentals. No airline or cruise booking fees.

4. Discounts Daily » Receive up to 50 percent off products from national chains such as target.com, Sears, Kmart and many others. Online at Everyday Savings Center. Savings on electronics, furniture, books and apparel. 

5. Park and Fly » Save 10 percent at more than 130 off-site discount airport parking facilities operated by park Ride Fly USA Nationwide. complimentary services include “curb – to – curb shuttle service to and from the airport, valet and /or self-parking and luggage assistance. 1-877-503-7275 toll – free.

6. Denny’s deal » 20 percent off your check every day at Denny’s from 4pm to 10pm. Coffee for you and your guests is a dollar, 24/7. dennys.com

7. Become a better driver » AARP offers the nation’s first and largest driver refresher course at a discount for members. In some states if you finish the course you may save money on the insurance premiums. 1-888-227-7669 toll-free or aarp.org/drive

8. Car and home coverage » If you insure your home or car with AARP insurance program from the Hartford, you will receive up to a 10 percent discount on the rates for your home and 15 percent on your car insurance. aarp.thehartford.com/msb

9. Eye sight savings » Save up to 30 percent off the regular price of eyewear, including bifocals, trifocals, lens options and frames, at lenscrafters, pearle vision, sears optical, target Optical, JCPenney Optical and many private practitioners. Offered through eyemed vision Care. aarphealthcare.com

10. Screening tests » You can get six free health screenings from AARP and Walgreen on the AARP/Walgreen wellness tour. the tour visits cities nationwide and in Puerto Rico through next February. aarpwalgreens.com/tour

11. Med Matching » Check out AARP’S doughnut hole calculator to find less expensive but therapeutically similar, drugs for preventing or treating medical conditions. Those who have fallen into medicare part D’s “doughnut hole” will receive a $250 rebate check from Medicare automatically this year. aarp.org/doughnuthole

12. Fit@50 » Get fit. Visit the online fitness center for exercise news and motivational tips.You can join an online group, Fat2Fit, that has helped nearly 4,000 people lose weight and become more active over the past year. aarp.org/fit.

13. Keep on Working » If you are looking for no-cost job search assistance or a career counseling to help you stay in the market, AARP offers free advice and resources, including career fairs and access to employers that value workers 50 and older. aarp.org/work

14. For a better retirement » AARP provides free webinars that offer tips on how to stretch you money and make ends meet. Avoid investment fraud and figure out how much to save for retirement. aarp.org/moneywebinars

15. Save on cell plans » Receive a free phone from Consumer Cellular when you sign up for a new service. The plan includes 5 percent off monthly service and 30 percent off selected accessories. No long-term contract required. consumercellular.com/aarp


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For Retirees: Get Dental Care for Less Money

Jordan Braverman, MPH

Dental care is rarely covered by Medicare… few retirees have dental insurance… and those who do have dental insurance often find that their coverage is very limited.

Dental bills average around $677 per year for the typical senior, and a major procedure, such as a root canal or a dental implant, can push that tab into four or even five figures.

Exception: Medicare usually will pay dental bills if they are related to a medical incident that requires a hospital stay, such as jaw reconstruction following a car accident.

Some resources that could help you dramatically reduce your dental bills or even provide dental care for free…
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