Why Dogs Eat Grass

Most think that when dogs eat grass they are trying to rid something bad that they have eaten. Not so.

Basically it is a distress call. An imbalance in the gut. They don’t know what it is but know something is not right.

Grass is a good bacteria. They eat more in the beginning of spring (kinda spring cleaning). To help dogs eat more grass is not the answer.

  1. Probiotics – Such as Natural Greek yogurt or you are able to get probiotics in powder form which is also good. It helps them to obtain a healthier digestion which in turn gives them more energy, better mood, less gas, better immune system and better bowel movements.
  2. Bad Breath – We all think it is normal for a dog to have bad breath. Not so. Lack of teeth brushing is a myth and only temporary. The cause is lack of enzymes. Bad breath starts in the digestive tract. Enzyme Amylose breaks down the carbs. Protease enzyme breaks down protein and Lipase enzyme breaks down fat. They keep the metabolism healthy and tip-top. Tartar and plaque is also a sign that your dog has problems. During the second world war dry food was introduced which unfortunately lack the enzymes needed so if your dog is eating mainly dried food it may be a problem for your dog. Your veterinary will normally have these enzyme supplements.
  3. Smelly ears, runny eyes are not from allergies – Usually it is distressed internals. Toxins in the body such as the kidneys liver and digestive system. After some time these organs can not handle it and begins to affect the skin. It becomes itchy, flakey and the dog gets inflamed ears and red paws. It is the skins way of trying to help the problem. Here prebiotics  help . They are indigestible and go straight through the colon. Raw garlic and dandelion greens are recommended. Leaves a healthy digestive tract. Supplements from your Vet is also a recommendation.

Source : 

Dr. Martin Goldstein is one of America’s most renowned holistic veterinarians, and the acclaimed author of “The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat.” For two decades, Dr. Marty has combined elements of nutritional medicine with nutrition, immune support and alternative treatments that have yielded incredible results.




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